20 Times Pets Make Their Owners Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Our pets sometimes scared the living life out of their owners, even the cutest and most adorable guys. As these adorable furry guys are keen on exploring the world outside, they may challenge your endurance, sometimes. A cat steals paprika and spills it all over his fur and the floor. What will you think when seeing them lying on the floor in this condition? Put you into panic mode immediately. Surely!

And this post will share these half-crying, half- laughing situations. 20 times your pets make their owners nearly have a heart attack. If you want to know how these furry guys can scare you, just give these pics a look. When you identify the truth, you will but out laughing immediately. Your pets know how to control your emotions, up or down. Let’s check them out!

1. This puppy got “drunken” with dragonfruit but actually scared the poop out of his owners.

2. The fifth leg? No, it’s just a leg of the Teddy bear.

3. Welcome you home with two faces, and two legs? These dogs just hide their other front legs when standing close to each other.

4. It’s the dog’s tail. It’s just a toy. Cool down, humans!

5. This wooden trunk is enough to scare the living life of the cat’s owners.

6. He’s still safe. No body-part loses.

7. The paprika actually puts the cat’s owners into the panic mode.

8. It looks like he has two mouths. Scare the boop out of his owners.

9. They’re not teeth. He’s just gnawing a pine tree fruit.

10. There isn’t a food-poisoning case. He’s just gnawing a tissue in his mouth.

11. “I just put on some lipstick like you usually do. And it ends with nearly giving my owners a heart attack.”

12. “Just a new toy. I’m fine, humans.”

13. “Some paprika on my fur can scare the life out of my owners. Is anything wrong?”

14. Luckily, it’s a hole.

15. He is just sleeping behind the pillow with his face on!

16. “I’m just sleeping a bit. The red substance around me is actually tomatoes.”

17. When you wake up at midnight and see this on the camera? Scare the heck out of you?

18. It’s just her favorite sleeping posture. She is totally ok.

19. She appears through a hole on the ceiling. Scare you?

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