Kind Boxer Helps His Blind Friend Down Flight Of Stairs In Adorable Video

Ginger and Dexter belong to TikTok user @cougargurlie – and they’ve helped amass quite a following for their mom. The user has over 23k followers and 1.3 million likes on just 6 short videos she’s uploaded.

One of her videos has gone viral, with 5.4 million total views!

Just the two of us

TikTok videos typically have background music – and for this video, @cougargurlie chose Grover Washington Jr’s “Just The Two of Us” for the sweet scene.

You see, Ginger the Puggle is blind. And that means she can’t navigate the house all that well. But her big brother Dexter – a boxer – has adapted and helps her get around safely.

In the less-than-1-minute video, he can be seen gently guiding her down the stairs.

We can make it if we try

It’s highly unlikely that this was the first time Dexter took on the responsibility. He’s very cautious with his friend and knows just how to get her down without providing an opportunity for any accidents.

Using both his body and the wall, he presses Ginger into a tight space so that all she has to do is jump down one step at a time.

And they take it very slowly, pausing after each little descent so that Ginger can get her bearings.

With their tails wagging, it’s clear that they’re eager to get down to mom.

Down we go

At first, Dexter is a little overly cautious, putting his face right in the way of the next step to make sure Ginger knows what’s up and only takes it one step at a time.

In fact, she has to poke her head out first in order to even move forward – that’s how much support Dexter is providing.

But occasionally he gets ahead of her. Alas, even when he’s one step ahead, he always turns around and puts his nose on his friend so that she knows he’s right there.

In fact, at a few points, it even looks like he’s whispering to her just how many stairs are left.

Of course, there are a few times Ginger would like to move more quickly. But Dexter is in charge here.

As they get towards the bottom, it seems that both dogs know the danger is lessened, so they take things a little more quickly.

And by the time there are only 2 steps left, Dexter jumps down and lets his friend follow.

Together wherever we go

This isn’t the only assistance Dexter provides. He even keeps an eye on Ginger when she goes out to potty, making sure she doesn’t get disoriented.

And while she’s able to make it back to the door without assistance, Dexter doesn’t let her wait too long.

The pup jumps up and puts his paws on the door to open it for her.

What a great friend this boxer is to his little blind puggle pal!

Be sure to scroll down to see the charming video of these two furry friends for yourself.

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