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10+ Adorable Photos Of A Newborn Piglet In A Photoshoot That Will Warm Up Your Soul

Many parents choose to take a newborn photoshoot to celebrate and welcome their baby to this world. You can find the pureness and cuteness in every pic of the baby. Smiles will never end in your mouth when seeing these photos. They can make your day brighter and keep you stay away from stress in life for a while, too. They may also win your hearts even when you haven’t married and had a kid yet. Power of pure and innocent beauty.

There is nothing to discuss if the subject in these photos is the baby. But it comes to a newborn piglet. It sounds weird, right? Cashlie White, a mother of 2 and a photographer from Newcastle, Oklahoma, recently did a newborn piglet photoshoot. After shared on the Internet, these lovely pics have melted the heart of millions. Just scroll down to judge our words!

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What about newborn piglet photoshoots? Equally adorable!

Cashlie’s friend Connie Hamilton has the piglet named Dynamite along with its entire piglet family, the Hamilton Show Pigs. As Dynamite has just come to her family, Connie gives her special attention to the piglet.

“She posted a picture of Dynamite on her Facebook page and I reached out and said ‘Connie, we’ve GOT to do a newborn session with your baby pig!’” explained Cashlie. “It was just a fun thing to do. I’d seen photos of puppies like that, but never a pig! I’ve loved and been around agriculture my whole life, so being able to put my love for animals and my passion and skill for photography together just made sense.”

Photographer Cashlie White recently run a newborn photoshoot for a piglet that’s gone viral

And the photoshoot was carried out. As it turns out, taking photos of a piglet is pretty much similar to taking photos of a newborn baby. Dynamite got a bath before the shoot and was gently put to sleep with all the shooshing and swaddling tricks whilst being rocked in Cashlie’s arms.

Cashlie kept the piglet warm with the small space heater that she normally uses for such occasions. And the room where the photoshoot organized was kept quiet so the newborn could sleep fast.

“Honestly, she was easier than some newborn babies I’ve had. She was only 2 weeks old, so that helped with her being comfortable sleeping,” elaborated Cashlie. “We gave her a bath and then I swaddled and shooshed her like a baby. I had a small space heater to help keep her warm and she went to sleep in my arms.”

Connie owns a litter of show piglets that needed some promotion, so Cashlie offered a photoshoot

Actually, this was Cashlie’s first photoshoot of a newborn animal, but this experience gave her more inspiration to do more animal photoshoot.

Cashlie said: “I’ll be trying to work with more farm animals in the coming weeks and months: baby chicks, goats, sheep, and more. I’m open to all animals, though!”

“I hope that I’ll be able to continue doing these types of shoots because it’s obviously something the world needs more of and I’m hoping more people reach out to let me take photos of their animals!”. She continued.

The newborn piglet was named Dynamite and she was 2 weeks old at the moment she starred in the photoshoot.

After Cashlie popped up cute photos of the newborn piglet on her professional photography page, the photoshoot quickly went viral. They were soon picked up by a number of media outlets online. It went beyond her expectation, so she got so excited. First try and succeed.

She said: “I thought the photos would get a good response from our friends and family, but I could have never imagined that they would go viral! God is so faithful and good. I think the world just needed some good in their newsfeeds and Dynamite was exactly that.”

The photoshoot grasped huge attention on Facebook with millions of likes, shares, and comments.

She continued: “The owner, Connie Hamilton, said she couldn’t stop smiling after I left, then when the photos started to go viral, she got teary. We’re both just so thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity.”

This newborn piglet photoshoot is enough to melt the heart of Internet users, especially pet lovers. Who can resist the pureness and cuteness of the animals? It works more when they’re still babies. If you are looking for something pretty to raise your mood at bad days, just save these adorable newborn piglet pics and give them a look.

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