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10+ Animals Who Are Literally Too Cute For Words

Researchers have shown that when we encounter too much cuteness, our brains can get aggressive. We will want to “squeeze”, “crush” or “bite” cute things without doing them any harm. The appearance of these emotions helps us deal with emotional responses and encourage us to give care. And of course, it will prevent us from being incapacitated by cuteness.

However, we at PAWS PLANET couldn’t resist the furry cuties and we would like to share these adorable photos with you. We are sure that these adorable animals in this compilation will make you say, “Awww”. Scroll down to see!

1. “How do you like my new socks, guys?”

2. “Will you feed me after this?”

3. “I’ve been a veterinarian for 10 years. This is the first dinosaur I’ve worked on.”

4. “Smiling dog”

5. “Hedgehogs pretending to be cupcakes”

6. “So, how was your day at work?”

7. “My fluffy partner and I”

8. “Cute little fawn that came up to my porch!”

9. “And what are you doing here?”

10. A bucket of cuteness

11. “When I grow up, the collar will fit me perfectly!”

12. “Broccoli is nice, but are you sure you have no carrots?”

13. “Get me some fish and then you can pet me”

14. “He apparently loved his first car ride.”

15. “When she looks at me like that, I am powerless.”

16. “I bought a real-life teddy bear.”

17. A family portrait

18. Is this the cat from Shrek?

19. “Not Monday! Not Monday!”

20. You all have a good day!

21. What can be cuter?

22. OK, maybe this is even cuter!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by animal’s cuteness that you want to squeeze them until they pop? Feel free to share this post with your friends and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments!

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