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10+ Spoiled Pets Who Make You Green With Envy

Disclaimer: don’t show this to your pets.

As pet owners, they love their pets and will do everything to make their furry friends happy and healthy. But when it comes to spoiling these 4-legged friends, some owners go beyond our imagination. You never expect that a pet’s life can make your own life seem inferior. These pets eat better food than you do and live in a perfect house that you always desire. They are lucky enough to have great owners who know how to treat them like the kings and queens.

If you feel like you have doubts, scroll down to see some examples of pets who have a better life than you. These pictures below speak louder than thousands of words. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments and share this post with your friends and family members! Honestly, these pets will make you and your friends jealous.

1. Stella is the most spoiled cat you’ll ever meet. Her parents build a stylish room for her.

Image credit: newbuild_newlyweds

2. This spoiled dog has his own room.

Image credit: Al_Chris16

3. “Made her a bridge to the window she always stared at but could never reach.”

Image credit: soup_sammich_

4. This mini bedroom is absolutely adorable!

Image credit: Lisbonite

5. He looks like he is very happy with it.

Image credit: Strawburry17

6. “My husband and cat share a birthday week”

Image credit: HelpfulPhotograph185

7. Best thing that’s ever happened to her!

Image credit: tastyhouse

8. Kitty castle

Image credit: westerner71

9. “He definitely know how to look down on his subjects.”

Image credit: PM_ME_UR_FAVCOLOR

10. This cat has his own leather couch.

Image credit:

11. He looks so scholarly.

Image credit: MakesEthanol

12. Momo looks so content.

Image credit: ladymistborn

13. “This is my dad.”

Image credit: spaghemily

14. Kitty looks so proud. King of their own jungle.

Image credit: wolfie_smiles

15. “Heck I don’t even have an Ipad!”

Image credit:

16. “Who wants to hang out with these guys?”

Image credit: is_rotting

17. “Trying to change the channel! There is football on the other one!”

Image credit: Bry_in_the_sky

18. “We wish they would adopt us!”

Image credit:

19. Who wants to be this cat?

Image credit: AlwaysLocal

20. This dog has his own car.

Image credit: Neil_Paine

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