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14 Problem-Solving Masters Who Deserve Our Respect



It’s true to say there are no problems that can’t be solved. The world is too full of options. If you can’t solve the problem, it’s because you haven’t found the right option… The answer is always there. Therefore, whenever you feel stuck, try to think outside of the box, and then you will go out of your ‘box’. Believe us because there are many people who have succeeded in overcoming their unsolvable situations and have become problem-solving masters.

We have collected some of the most common problems that you might find too big or too complex and the solutions for each of them. For example, you might get worried about forgetting the tent pegs and poles during the motor-camping. Don’t worry, you can use your motors as a solution. Or if you are going to play a 4-player minimum game but you only have 3 players, invite your pet to play with you. Now, scroll down to have a look at how these problem-solving masters did.

#1. Use the rain to your advantage

Source: iBleeedorange

#2. I was not designed for this world

Source: Mrdazjames

#3. No tree, no problem

Source: noslowsongs

#4. Well, at least I’ll sunbathe choli ⁠

Source: Brainstein

#5. Experiment

Source: DarthMech

#6. When you only have 3 players and there’s a 4-player minimum, you improvise

Source: fenix547

#7. My sister taking advantage of my dog’s condition


#8. When the teacher says you can bring one handwritten 3×5 notecard for the test


#9. My dog Philby has to take allergy meds every day but he doesn’t need to know that

Source: nanglish

#10. My friend wasn’t able to reach the higher roofline, so he decided the Grinch needed to ‘steal’ the lights


#11. My orthodontist told me I’d have my braces on for Halloween. Thought I might as well take advantage of it

Source: ScarrietTheSpider

#12. Went moto-camping but forgot the tent pegs and poles, so had to improvise

Source: Cronin13

#13. Heatwave in Europe? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Source: soupbubble

#14. We didn’t want to set up the second half of the tree. So we got creative. Meet treevor


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21 Designers Who Care About Even The Smallest Details




What makes the difference between a good and a bad design? A good design has not only aesthetic but also functional value. Dedicate, competent designers always put 100% of their ability into creating the optimal design. How many times have you been amazed by the convenience of a simple product? The tiniest things bring the purest satisfaction to users.

We all love that feeling when a product can meet our demands, including even the smallest. That’s great when we find the little details added to make sure we can use that product comfortably and conveniently. We bet you guys have seen so many stupid designs out there, so we made this post to restore your faith in human ability. The list below contains some of the most brilliant designs created by (we believe) the most caring designers. They sure knew what to make better about regular things to improve them considerably. So, let’s scroll down and check out their works!

#1 This doorknob for a maintenance closet at my school has knurling on it to prevent slipping when workers have gloves on

Source: kozman7

#2 The tulips in this garden are arranged in the shape of tulips

Source: b98765

#3 Each Steamfresh bag has the cooking time on the microwave for what you are cooking

Source: Blackened_007

#4 My shower caddy has holes to hold a bottle upside down when the liquid is running low

Source: JugyvonHolierThnThou

#5 This manhole cover in Seattle is a map of the city

Source: JGBorn

#6 With this spoon you will never spill spices/coffee/flour

Source: dreamfarm

#7 My local community college has collapsable monitors that can automatically go down so you can have more desk space

Source: vapenewell

#8 Knee-activated water taps at a supermarket, Italy

Source: 4t0m77

#9 Lockable skateboard parking

Source: eddieutah

#10 A transforming shelf for those who don’t know which one they need

Source: designdunker

#11 This kids’ menu at this Chick-Fil-A is at kids’ eye level

Source: Daxos157

#12 Savel is a flexible food saver that bends to cover cut food and keeps it fresh

Source: dreamfarm

#13 In Chinese airports and hotels you can rent a charging station

Source: verenevg

#14 This restaurant has a breathalyzer on the counter where you pay

Source: MogarTheUnkillable

#15 The tags from the clothing brand are attached with a piece of cloth, so you can cut them off and they won’t itch your skin

Source: McGraver

#16 This pizza place gives you instructions on how to reheat your pizza with your receipt

Source: ImLazyWithUsernames

#17 The shower handle in this hotel room is on the other side to avoid getting wet when turning it on

Source: Hakuna_Ratata

#18 This door at a local daycare has an abnormally high door handle to prevent the kids from opening it

Source: CustomSauce

#19 Coconuts in China are very convenient to drink from

Source: medved1205

#20 This handicap ramp is built into the staircase

Source: DavidMaspanka

#21 My beer mat revealed a hidden image after it collected enough condensation

Source: takaijin

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10 Utterly Crazy Karens Spotted In The Wild




In recent years, Karen has become a phenomenon. People who are dubbed “Karen” has become viral on the internet for their wildly entitled and unreasonable behaviors. Stereotypically, a Karen appears with a short blonde haircut, often wears sunglasses, and always demands to speak to a manager. They resort to hate speech, violence, and many inappropriate/embarrassing actions and get caught by cameras most of the time.

That’s a Karen in real life. And believe us, they will not learn anything from previously shamed fellow Karens. As we said, Karen has become a mindset. The entitlement is going strong within this “generation.” With social media becoming more widespread, instances of “wild Karen” are broadly shared for internet users to have some good laughs. And here, with ten epitomes that define the “Karen generation” in the list below, we believe you’ll have a good time reading this post. Now, let’s scroll down to check them out!

#1 Just cancel auto-renew next time

Source: Reddit

#2 Spain holiday

Source: Reddit

#3 Meanwhile in Australia

Source: Reddit

#4 Eww, no!!

Source: Reddit

#5 What a terrible human being

Source: Reddit

#6 This Karen fails to understand that the helicopters serve the purpose of transporting people to and from the hospital

Source: Reddit

#7 Farmer’s market Karen

Source: Reddit

#8 She can’t do maths

Source: Reddit

#9 Throwback to 2017

Source: Reddit

#10 What’s wrong with an old car

Source: Reddit

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People Have Had Enough Of American Tourists Being Oblivious To The Fact That They’re Foreigners, As Share On This Viral Tweet




One thing about traveling is that you’re about to go to a different place, meet new people, and experience new customs. So, if you plan to travel, don’t expect everything will be the same as your living place. That’s not what traveling means. The farther you go, the more you will see that our world is a diverse place. You may never know how big this world is if you just stay within your area. But, if you want to venture far, be sure that you know how to behave appropriately in the new place.

Still, it’s hard to tell that all tourists are aware of this. They go beyond their country’s border while expecting the destination country to provide the same services, foods, and drinks. Oddly enough, some even get pissed because they cannot find the same services and foods they usually have at home. What’s that? Do people really fly thousands of kilometers just to have a Starbuck and some McDonald’s burger?

Well, if you want some examples, look at American tourists. It’s embarrassing that some US tourists seem to have no respect or knowledge of the land they are going to. They’re loud. They want to buy things with dollars and get angry when they can’t. Still, maybe they don’t know that people there are also frustrated with them being clueless that they ARE foreigners here.

#1 Comedian Ginny went viral when she pointed out that quite a few American tourists act entitled and think they’re at the center of the world

Source: ginnyhogan_

#2 Twitter users shared their own weird and hilarious experiences having to deal with tourists from the United States

Source: awitsjocelyn


Source: agwon79


Source: LTatyella


Source: araashaw


Source: julen__n


Source: flockofwords

#8 It’s not just American travelers who need explicit instructions, though

Source: bencpye

#9 Here’s what some other people had to say about how US tourists behaved abroad

Source: adamkotsko


Source: damilolly_x


Source: GT_Numble


Source: davidandrews808


Source: mattbirtisatwat


Source: SnodV


Source: Liberonscien


Source: LokeeArt


Source: TigerDzheims


Source: EisenGewehr


Source: candy_voodoo


Source: BalurCDN


Source: reverhaus


Source: sentientnerd

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