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15+ Friendly Cats That Love To Visit Their Neighbors And Make Themselves At Home

Cats are notoriously stereotyped as aloof and independent creatures. But in fact, they are not as cold and aloof as many of us think. They are affectionate and can bond with their owners like a child bonds with their parents. Sometimes, they even fọrm special relationships with strangers and their neighbors that make their humans green with envy. It sounds crazy but it is true. These friendly cats often show up at their neighbors’ houses to visit their friends and check what they are doing.

If you’re a cat lover and are in need of some good vibes, then you’re going to love this post. Here are 20 cats who winded up in their neighbors’ homes, visited their yards, and acted as if they were their own homes. Looking at these pics, it seems that this actually happens very often. Scroll down to see for yourself!

#1. Not My House. But That’s My Cat

Image source: Emma Jane Strong

#2. “It is my hammock. It is not my cat.”

Image source: I_See_You_Stories / Reddit

#3. “Doing dishes and glance out the window. These are not my cats.”

Image source: Morgan Wilson

#4. “Notmycat breaks into my house through the upstairs window. This is her favorite spot.”

Image source: LeResistance / Reddit

#5. “My neighbours cat arrives with a meow at 7AM and stays the whole day until said neighbour texts me at 5PM asking for her cat back.”

Image source: Keiran Currah

#6. “This is my neighbor’s cat. He meowed at the front door until I let him in, then he ran inside, took a huge dump in MY cat’s litter tray, and then ran straight out. Absolute power move.”

Image source: Quarterwit_85 / Reddit

#7. “My house, not my cat.”

Image source: Joanne Gentzler

#8. “Not my cat, but enjoys pets and has started exploring the house.”

Image source: OrangeKotoni / Reddit

#9. “This is my glass of water, this is my house, this is not my cat drinking my water in my house , this is my neighbours cat Ted!”

Image source: Anne Mullis

#10. “My husband laid down on our patio after our walk. This little dude just made himself at home. Not our cat. Sure is a sweetie, though!”

Image source: Pheryn / Reddit

#11. “This is my bathroom…. This is not my cat! This is my neighbours cat Ted!”

Image source: Anne Mullis

#12. “This guy was guarding against porch pirates, and then demanded a treat for doing a good job.”

Image source: JohnnyF00tballHero / Reddit

#13. “My house, my bed, not my cat! This is Max, a ginger cat that belongs to my neighbor, and he came by to watch some tv with me.”

Image source: Yael Gold

#14. “This lovely boy has started visiting daily and I can never resist giving treats and hugs.”

Image source: GJ_JG / Reddit

#15. “My Fireplace, My House, Not My Cat”

Image source: Jayne O’Connor

#16. “Came out of my room this afternoon to find a visitor roaming the house. This is, in fact, not my cat.”

Image source: twinkprivilege / Reddit

#17. My House. My Coffee Table. Not My Cat

Image source: Rachael Judd

#18. “He just wandered into my apartment like it was his place and decided to take a nap on my bed.”

Image source: astressedlawstudent / Reddit

#19. This Is Tupac, My Neighbor’s Cat

Image source: CM Schulz

#20. This Is Not My Cat

Image source: Claire Dyer

If you have your own photos of cats that aren’t yours chilling at your home, please share them with us in the comment section below. Be sure to share this post with your friends and family members to make their day!

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