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15+ Times Pets Made Us Spooked By How Scary They Looked

Pets are known for being great companions who can improve our physical and mental health. Besides, they bring happiness to our lives and provide us with unconditional love. While most of pets provide positive health benefits to humans, these ones the other hand, almost gave their owners a heart attack by how terrifying they looked. In fact, they are cute and friendly. Due to being unphotogenic, these friends look like demons and crazed beasts in some moments. They are so scary and weird that they almost send their owners into panic.

Here are 20 photos of pets that were caught at their most terrifying. Looking at these pets, we have to admit that no matter ugly and scary they are, they are still beautiful. And of course, we don’t dare to say otherwise. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to check for yourself!

#1. Men and women fled in horror, when the creature emerged from the depths.

Source: csillagasz

#2. “Everybody get down…he’s got a knife!”

Source: Reddit

#3. “Brigand got his head stuck into the (freeze dried chicken) treat jar and now he looks like a demon and omg I’m dying.”

Source: Madfluffs

#4. Tiny demon

Source: Clayterss

#5. “I took a picture of our dog, mid-yawn.”

Source: Reddit

#6. “I caught a yawn.”

Source: spacegh0st665

#7. “If Dracula was a cat…”

Source: Reddit

#8. This dog with its mouth open.

Source: taykaybo

#9. This Dog With Bald Filter

Source: realupcomingmovies

#10. “Cerberus! What happened to your third head??”

Source: Frosty015

#11. Schmile

Source: Reddit

#12. The face your cat gives you after you forget about him being outside all night.

Source: Reddit

#13. “My dog its trying to scare the shit out of me.”

Source: erethenn

#14. Little teefs

Source: wolfie_smiles

#15. “Look At The Bengal Tiger… No, No, Wait…”

Source: chucho-jones-fan

#16. “This doesn’t concern you, human. Go back inside.”

Source: HonestDav

#17. “This dog loves to stare into my basement office and scare me when I look up.”

Source: Reddit

#18. “When Jackson’s smiling, it’s kind of terrifying.”

Source: Reddit

#19. Darkest eyes iv seen.

Source: WookieMcspunion

#20. “That Spooked The Crap Out Of Me”

Source: Reddit

Do your pets make you spooked by their crazy shenanigans? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share this post with your friends and family members!

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