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20+ Brilliant Pets Who Take Selfie Like A Pro

It’s a blooming era of digital science and taking photos has become easier than ever now that everyone can do it at home literally any minute. And you know what? Actually, humans aren’t the only beings who couldn’t say no to some fun with a camera. Your dogs and cats love it too, and to be honest, these endearing furry guys could be impressively photogenic sometimes!

Here are some ravishing yet hilarious selfies of cats and dogs worldwide that could boost your mood faster than a rocket. Scroll down and check them out!

#1. When you accidentally open front camera.

Image credits: roxy.irsk.setter

#2. Happy boi!

Image credits:

#3. Manny the “Selfie Cat” always snaps gorgeous photos with a GoPro.

Image credits: yoremahm

#4. “Okay, I still look fantastic.”

Image credits: toulousesworld

#5. Who could resist such a sweet face anyway?

Image credits: __brunoeduardo__

#6. Handsomeness, check.

Image credits: rogerandrussell

#7. “This sunshine deserves a selfie!”

Image credits: gatosnoap

#8. “I can’t believe I’m writing this but we are running low on snacks, again.”

Image credits: worriedwhippet

#9. Leia sharing her beauty tips on how to brush your fur.

Image credits: anju_beaute_paris

#10. Felt cute, might delete later.

Image credits: danaperino

#11. Selfie time!

Image credits: buldogue_chico

#12. Purrfect angle.

Image credits: islandnc16

#13. “Am I cute enough tho?”

Image credits: soypepitarules

#14. “Could you guys see dis empty plate? Unbelievable!”

Image credits: aripanzer

#15. This is Waffle. She enjoys stealing your spot on the couch when you get up and puking hairballs at the end of the bed.

Image credits: Aksidents

#16. “Okay, what’s going on here?”

Image credits: pI2upp888

#17. “Hmm, what is that stupid thang?”

Image credits: jameshworm

#18. What a nice hat!

Image credits: FunnyLand

#19. “So what, me iz bored.”

Image credits: Katias1

#20. “Ha, look at me go!”

Image credits: JacquesStefano

#21. “Trust meow, I’m sleeping fur real.”

Image credits: DemonPan1

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