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20 Mad And Angry Pets That You Shouldn’t Mess With

Animals, especially pets, are known for being playful and cute creatures. Whenever we come across their photos online, most of them are funny and adorable. But in fact, pets aren’t happy all of the time. Just like us, they also have days when it feels like the world is going against them. Although they cannot communicate with us, they are able to express a whole gamut of emotions on their faces. Thankfully, many pet owners captured these moments on camera and shared them with the world. Needless to say, the photos are hilarious, and they are taking the Internet by storm!

Here are 20 examples of mad and angry pets who may be adorable, but are not happy with you. While we feel bad for them, they make us laugh. Scroll down to see! After looking at these faces, we are sure that you don’t want to mess with them because they with f*** you up.

#1. “Human, my bowl is empty”

Source: Cheesydude

#2. “What are you doing, human?”

Source: Klaudija Cicėnaitė

#3. “My cat after I do yoga on the rug he is on nine hours a day.”

Source: TheJack

#4. When you are tired AF, but bae tells you “we need to talk.”

Source: Unknown

#5. Very disgruntled that I woke him up.

Source: Tinker Gnome

#6. “My new kitten salem objected to having his picture taken.”

Source: Vexacus

#7. “I said no more pictures.”

Source: Derek Bloomfield

#8. “I’m sure she’s happy on the inside!”

Source: Somewhere warm

#9. “Honey, we need a giant cat to catch this mouse.”

Source: Klaudija Cicėnaitė

#10. “I think my girlfriend’a cat is plotting how to steal your food.”

Source: uptownwhiteboy

#11. “My friend is a pet groomer and had a very angry customer.”

Source: LalaLissa

#12. “Dont You Dare Touch Me Hooman”

Source: Maaike Eland


Source: Hulya Ozkok,meetgarfi

#14. “Let me go!”

Source: Zaza Pheuteu

#15. “Haha you are in trouble human!!”

Source: Jémie Culp

#16. “You’re gonna pay!”

Source: 750_I_NEED_MONEY

#17. “Whapffs about my teeff, dude?”

Source: Loki

#18. Birthday smiles all around 😁😁

Source: Jasmine Milton,huskyanuko

#19. This is the scarriest cat I have ever seen…

Source: pompous.albert

#20. That seems pretty overt to me!

Source: Unknown

Don’t forget to let us know your favorite funny photos, and feel free to share beautiful pictures of your mad pets! Be sure to share this post with your friends and family members!

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