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20 Photos Proving That Animals Are A Bunch Of Weirdos

When it comes to weirdos in the animal kingdom, we can’t miss our feline friends. They deserve the crown thanks to their strange behavior and unpredictable personalities. To them, our homes are their jungles. However, this doesn’t mean other animals are not weird and “normal”. Some of them are so crazy and silly that they go beyond our imagination.

If you don’t believe us and need more proof, we are here to help you. We collected some photos of weird things animals do to prove that we ain’t lying. Take a look at some of the most ‘seriously’ animal and wildlife pictures that no one can explain. After seeing these pics, no one can deny that animals are a bunch of weirdos. Scroll down to check for yourself!

1. Dances with fawns.

Image credit: Unknown

2. Dobby!!!!!!!!

Imag credit: Lino_Albaro

3. The Chosen One

Image credit: tediant

4. The Gerenuk

Image credit: Michael Despines | imgur

5. “Wanna see my impression of a polar bear in a spikey collar.”

Image credit: Petaaa

6. The only occasion where the bride was cool with a guest showing up wearing white.

Image credit: Senthe

7. Click on “Object > rotate > counterclockwise” to fix this dog up.

Image credit: MeaMaximaCunt

8. Although that’s not quite as strange as his way of getting down the stairs!

Image credit: Imgur

9. “My precious” – Gollum

Image credit: RolandRoleja

10. Pew pew

Image credit: 3lazar

11. He has a very unique way of taking a dip!

Image credit: Imgur

12. “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

Image credit: UwUwU_potato

13. “If it floats, I boats.”

Image credit: Kouxy

14. The left side dog is so judging.

Image credit: Loopdeloops

15. This guy’s teeth are strangely perfect…

Image credit: Imgur

16. If a cat can wear a mask, you can too.

Image credit: Teerendog

17. THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image credit: frenzy3

18. “I’m too sexy for this post!”

Image credit: soundersfan17

19. You my friend?

Image credit: wennregen

20. Cat splat.

Image credit: lilred181

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