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20 Senior Dogs Who Are Enjoying Their Well-Deserved ‘Retirement’

Oftentimes, dog owners tend to adopt puppies instead of adding old dogs into their house. It’s because senior dogs’ age, health, and needs can be real challenges for people who want to adopt them. They age and get sick and slow down. However, anyone who has ever owned an old dog knows that these furry friends come with many benefits that often outweigh those drawbacks. They are more calm, quiet, affectionate, and have lesser exercise demands. They ​know what it’s like to have a forever family and want nothing more than to be loved and cared.

We are happy to know that there are many lucky dogs who get adopted by kind-hearted people and experience the love they deserve. That’s the reason why we have compiled a list of the oldest dogs have lived their lives to the fullest and are now happy and healthy for the rest of their life. Dogs, just like us and other animals, don’t live forever. Even if they’re getting old and their health is becoming worse, they still play and love and enjoy their life just as much as they did when they were puppies. Take a look at these precious dogs!

#1 “12-year old Nambo. Sadly has degenerative myelopathy which is progressing but still enjoys life.”

Source: Lisa K

#2 “Adopted this 13 year old girl 2 weeks ago. I think she likes me.”

Source: timberviolence

#3 “I built these stairs so our couch potato can climb onto easier.”

Source: Eric Applequist

#4 “Benjamin spent 1,5 years in a shelter but finally found home at the age of 14.”

Source: Pete Thorne

#5 Rescued a senior Floofer this year, we call this her “retirement.”

Source: DeadskinsDave

#6 “Our 15 years old pooch.”

Source: Yael Sahar Kostis

#7 “My dog is too old to go on walks anymore, so my brother put her in a wheelbarrow and went around the neighborhood.”

Source: CagSwag

#8 Just turned 18 years old today, meet Amber!

Source: funkadelic9413

#9 The color has faded over the years but their love hasn’t.

Source: Tyindorset

#10 Just turned 18 years old today, meet Amber!

Source: funkadelic9413

#11 Milo (black) is almost 13 and buster is 11yo.

Source: Yvette Weeks-Quinliven

#12 This lil’ girl’s face has gotten more white every year but her smile hasn’t changed.

Source: themostaveragehuman

#13 Happy 1 year adoption to 11 year old Watermelon!!

Source: susiesseniordogs

#14 Adopted a 16-year-old dog that nobody wanted

Source: Imgur

#15 Happy Old Dude

Source: kiiirsten

#16 Here’s a smile from Sadie the 15 yr old Corgi

Source: mac_is_crack

#17 Buttercup!

Source: Jennifer Pabian

#18 Smile for the camera!

Source: Rebecca R

#19 This is Doc. He’s 19 years old and a good boy.

Source: El_Guapalo

#20 New puppy meets old soul

Source: Scotty367

Have you ever adopted or owned a senior dog, too? Share their photos with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members!

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