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20 Silly Cats Who Act Like Their Function Is Broken

As cat owners, we are sure that you have ever seen your cats acting weird. It’s normal because our feline friends are known for being weirdos. However, some of them are so silly and crazy that you are scared that there is something wrong in their brains. They act like their system is broken or malfunctioned (meowlfunctioned). We know you worry about them, but don’t panic. We guarantee that everything seems to be all right and there’s nothing wrong with your cat. It’s simply their natural behaviors.

To help you feel comfortable and make your day brighter, we’ve collected some cat photos featured on the fantastically wholesome ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat’ subreddit. Scroll down to see for yourself! Through these photos, you will see these cats are far from ‘broken’ and seem to be happy.

1. More proof cats are both a liquid and a solid.

Image credit: llullabyY1

2. Liquid mode activated

Image credit: icZAstuff

3. Buddha pose as demonstrated by our kitty yoga instructor.

Image credit: yungkrueger

4. “I have a lap. Wow! I have a lap!!”

Image credit: brownishgirl

5. There’s a fly on that chandelier.

Image credit: icant-chooseone

6. He’s a sucker for drama

Image credit: JeniBean7

7. “One minute, just one minute, I tell you.”

Image credit: fyae

8. Cats get in the darnedest places.

Image credit: elefantinxd

9. Cats are liquid.

Image credit: jasontaken

10. “Must destroy imposter!”

Image credit: jasontaken

11. He is contemplating about his life.

Image credit: iknowallmyabcs

12. Cat be nimble, Cat be quick, Cat jump on to the tv pic!

Image credit:

13. Spider cat, spider cat, … *sings*

Image credit: Nirami

14. Banana lounge

Image credit: DFJonesJr

15. The concentration of this kitty is to be admired.

Image credit: ThopterFox

16. Kitty be like “I not smol; now I tall!”

Image credit: emiceel

17. If I fits, I, nevermind.

Image credit: bajinglez

18. The cutest knot!

Image credit:

19. He is contemplating the meaning of life.

Image credit: soccer-law

20. She performs her ultra high level of cuteness and then counts her victims!

Image credit:

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