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20 Times Pets Looked So Scary That They Almost Gave Their Owners A Heart Attack

Pets are known for being adorable and funny creatures. So it’s not surprising that the Internet is obsessed with these 4-legged friends. Some pets even become famous stars and have millions of followers thanks to their good look and unusual traits. However, they are not always cute and friendly. In some moments, these friends look like demons and crazed beasts. They are so terrifying that they almost send their owners into panic.

In this post, we have gathered some photos that show our pets are not beautiful all the time. But no matter how ugly these photos are, these pets are the most beautiful ones, and no one dares to say otherwise. If you don’t believe, scroll down to see for yourself!

1. Professor Lupin

Image credit: Acetylated_Morphine

2. “This doesn’t concern you, human. Go back inside.”

Image credit: HonestDav

3. “Yes, technically they’re of absolutely no use to me, but I want ’em anyway”

Image credit: Unknown

4. OMG! Call an exorcist!

Image credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine

5. Yeah reminds me of the sinister clown *bites fingers in fear*

Image credit: IanRiosDub

6. What’s that skincare routine?

Image credit: wick720

7. Handsome devil

Image credit: Snowhogs

8. Who’s a good demogorgon? u r! yes, u r!

Image credit: vinkulelu

9. “Heeeeeeeeeere’s doggy!”

Image credit: Tim Smith

10. Looks like an Uruk-hai orc from the LoTR movies.

Image credit: teddy-bear-the1st

11. When they say smile but you don’t want to.

Image credit: recon455

12. Little teefs

Image credit: wolfie_smiles

13. “I’m batman!”

Image credit: thegoldenthumbb

14. Darkest eyes iv seen

Image credit: WookieMcspunion

15. Drac-cat

Image credit: beckolyn

16. Bruh, do you even lift?

Image credit: ItisiQuavo

17. That’s a nightmare!

Image credit: realupcomingmovies

18. Like something out of “the mummy” franchise

Image credit: ImportGuy

19. His expression belongs to a terrifying fictional schoolmaster.

Image credit: pleasuretohaveinclas

20. Gorgeous photo!

Image credit: Gussaroo

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