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20 Tiny Pets Who Grow Up To Be Big And Majestic Floofs

Owning pets and watching them grow up can be a wonderful feeling that anyone should try. But one of the most surprising things about our pets is just how much they can grow up and transform in a few short months. Because of their short lifespans, they tend to grow out of their tiny forms relatively quickly and approach their adult size just in a few months. Some studies have shown that a puppy gains about 10-15% of its birth weight every day. But if you see them every day, you might not realize just how much they have changed!

So in order to celebrate our cute pets’ short but loving and meaningful lives, we would like to show you some photos of tiny pets who transformed into big and majestic floofs. We hope that these impressive pet glow-ups will make your day brighter and happier! Scroll down to check out these cool images of them growing up!

#1. Morris Then And Now

Image source:

#2. “From 2.5 months to nearly 2 years”

Image source: vladgrinch / Reddit

#3. 6 Months Apart

Image source: Imgur

#4. Then and now

Image source: Unknown

#5. “Casper at 3 and 13 weeks old.”

Image source: baleyN / Reddit

#6. 4 Years Apart

Image source: wojtek9000

#7. “8-week-old puppy to 9-month-old derp”

Image source: CountD***eyDoo / Reddit

#8. The growth of a Golden Retriever

Image source: Imgur

#9. 3 months apart

Image source: Reddit

#10. A majestic glow up

Image source: GoddessOvDoom / Reddit

#11. 1 year apart

Image source: Imgur

#12. “Bean was a microkitten. Here she is at 8 weeks vs 5 years.”

Image source: mrszubris / Reddit

#13. 2 year apart

Image source: Reddit

#14. “2 months to 12 months. We love our big floofy Samoyed boy.”

Image source: Lodo11 / Reddit

#15. 9 Years In Photos

Image source: Imgur

#16. “puppy snoot -> doggo snoot”

Image source: sindoreiikitten / Reddit

#17. 10 year apart

Image source: Imgur

#18. “Thor, then and now”

Image source: blue_no_red_ahhhhhhh / Reddit

#19. 10 year apart

Image source: Reddit

#20. “From 3 months to 3 years”

Image source: vividvega / Reddit

How much has your pet changed since you got them? Share their pics with us in the comments! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members to make their day!

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