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23 Nostalgic And Inspirit Photos For Pet Owners To Reminisce On Long Gone Angelic Furry Friends



We have a strong belief that every living creature appearing in our lives has always been taking an important part in our hearts and souls. The ones that came and left, the ones that are remaining with us right now, will forever live in our minds. It is so true to say that pets mark an irreplaceable imprint in their owners’ lives.

They are animals, but for us, they are family, closest friends, and soulmates. Therefore, many people who have (or used to have) pets have created countless cute gifts and souvenirs to remind everyone how wonderful a pet can be. Today, we wish to introduce an inspiring photo collection stored on Reddit that can delight your days and wash away your sorrows.

Let’s stop the chitchatting and begin diving into the creative world filled up with colors and emotions! Don’t forget to grab your little pals and pet them gently while enjoying this moment!

#1 A close friend of mine is relocating from the U.S. to the Netherlands and asked me if he could bring one of his favorite parts about the states (my beautiful dog, Addie), with him. Now she’ll be following him around everywhere, but forever:) – 5rl

Source: u/j_prk

#2 We lost Remo this year. I painted the bottom left when I was really missing him, and my dad engraved a similar image onto the underside of the coffee table he made me for Christmas. ❤️ These dogs really do have a special place in your heart.

Source: u/shrimpydave

#3 Indy trying to make more paw print tattoos on my arm.

Source: u/MrMeow8

#4 My very special Siamese Sailor pen has just arrived. I bought it in commemoration of my beloved Siamese cat, Charlotte (pictured), who passed away some time ago. The pen’s nib has a little cat on it (second pic). I just wish Charlotte was lying on my desk now and watching me write with her pen…

Source: u/Tinklebee

#5 You can clearly see my dog’s favorite peeing spots

Source: u/Tlaky

#6 The path my dog wore on the lawn from going back and forth to talk to the neighbor’s dog

Source: u/HoldMyPitchfork

#7 My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose-shaped mark behind

Source: u/hyaher

#8 Got some photos of my children printed off today

Source: u/sleeplesscatss

#9 Resin keychain I made of my cat.

Source: u/Wildlife-outside

#10 Apt memorial or am I crazy? Made a collage into a 2000-piece puzzle after I lost my best boy

Source: u/tsaltaeerf

#11 My cat has worn her own path into the carpet on the stairs.

Source: u/Lunar-Baboon

#12 Mitus loving grandma. He is sooo gentle with her but crazy hyper with anyone else!!

Source: u/KotaCali

#13 Was told to post Rey cuddling up with me on the couch

Source: u/javawong

#14 The smile I get during belly rubs 😀

Source: u/trippyyy

#15 My human

Source: u/sshapz

#16 I think my cat smiles for the camera

Source: u/Sheik-mon

#17 Love the way she looks at me

Source: u/n4os3iqueus3rn4m3p0r

#18 Such a happy dog getting her piggyback ride!

Source: u/dncrgal1323

#19 My pig’s selfie game is strong.

Source: u/courtneyfootz

#20 We just adopted Bella and she really likes my Fiancé

Source: u/bioticgod55

#21 True love.

Source: u/Mywifepeaks

#22 Lolita’s first night at home!

Source: u/jela_03

#23 Find someone that looks at you the way our kitten looks at my husband. The kitten he didn’t want and I quote ‘I want nothing to do with it, I won’t pay any vet bills and definitely won’t give it any attention!

Source: u/nevernomuffintops

We hope to bring you more inspirit pieces of artwork about pets and animals so that we can all feel a strong connection with other living creatures. If you agree with us, please hit the like button, share this image featured post, and leave comments in the zone below!


Dog Refuses To Leave Construction Site Where She Last Saw Her Family



According to a dog rescuer named Suzette Hall, abandoned dogs stay waiting for their owners to return, while lost dogs wander around.

As a group of Good Samaritans informed Hall, that the dog had been hiding under a construction sign beside a busy road for three days, Hall was aware it would be difficult to catch the canine. Aside from being in a tricky spot, the puppy didn’t want to be taken from the place where she hoped to reunite with her family.


Hall said that the dog was so terrified of people. “People would try to go sit with her or walk past her with their dogs, and she would just bark at them”, Hall added.

It was still possible for some neighbors to assist in the rescue effort even though they could not approach the dog directly. The neighbor who offered to make hot dogs for Hall as bait was one such neighbor. Despite the fact that the trap contained warm hot dogs and no food, the dog refused to go in.


In the end, Hall decided to leave the trap at the construction site overnight and try again early the following morning.

The puppy was exactly where the rescuer had last seen her when Hall arrived at the construction site the following morning, but something wasn’t right. The area was calm this time, and the dog appeared less frightened.


“I freshened up the trap and pretended I was leaving,” Hall said. “I drove down the street, and then I saw her get up and start circling the trap.” When Hall drove back to the construction site, she found the dog safely in her trap.


Hall recalled that after she freed Bella from her trap, she was so terrified. Despite the fact that she looked cold, Bella was so kind. “So I spent a lot of time with her just loving her and rubbing her,” she said.

The dog was then taken to the veterinarian, where a separate, calm space had been created just for her to rest for a few days. And, together, they gave the dog a name that suited her. “We named her Bella,” Hall said. “She just looked like a Disney princess to us.”


As soon as Bella realized she was safe and loved, she began to come out of her shell. Bella’s foster parent is a kind vet tech, so Hall is confident that Bella will flourish there and eventually find the happily ever after she deserves. “That little construction sign doesn’t have to be her home anymore,” Hall said. And she no longer needs to wait.

If you are touched by Bella’s loyal story, let her story be spread to the community.

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Best Wedding Crasher Ever! Stray Dog Broke Into A Wedding And Got Adopted By The Newlyweds



We have heard tons of heartening stories about brides and grooms with their pets. Since these adorable creatures have been their family and closest buddies, it is not weird anymore to have them be bridesmaids and groomsmen or invite them to the celebration as honorable guests. It is proof that affection and compassion can take any form and spread through any kind of species, which makes the belief that every living creature can love and be loved.

Today we would like to bring up to you a delighting wedding souvenir with an expecting canine guest’s appearance, which we ensure won’t waste any second of your time on reading.

Source: caramelodejesus

It took place in Brazil. A lovey-dovey couple, Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert, were having the time of their lives and forming their fateful bonding. From nowhere, a yellow-brown short-haired dog arrived and sat at the entrance of the church. He remained at the spot no matter what waiting for the sacred ceremony to finish. Then, he welcomed the new wife and husband with his warmest tail waving and two-leg standing hug.


Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Pra Mia (@ongpramia) chia sẻ

He was so charming that everyone at the wedding put all their attention on him and the host had to temporarily move him away so that the couple could get back their spotlight. Amazingly, the bride found him somehow sneaking into her vehicle. That was when she was sure that he was a heavenly blessing gifted on her wedding day.

Source: caramelodejesus

Source: caramelodejesus

Unfortunately, they found the dog strayed and homeless with one of his legs injured. Plus, the couple couldn’t see him anymore after the night party. Therefore, the next day, they uploaded a photo of the dog on the network to have people help to find him. In the end, the dog was adopted, medically provided, and given the name Braiá Caramelo de Jesus.

Source: caramelodejesus

Source: caramelodejesus

The marvelous story soon went viral on local animal rescue’s Instagram channel ongpramia. The couple also created an Instagram account for their new furball: caramelodejesus. It had reached more than ten thousand followers just in three weeks. Everyone in love with Caramelo was waiting for his update and pictures every day. Right now, our main characters are enjoying life and treasuring every moment together with love and laughter.

Source: caramelodejesus

Source: caramelodejesus

Could you tell us how you feel about Caramelo? Do you have any idea for a future canine best man or a feline maid of honor? Please leave your comments to let us know and don’t hesitate to give this sweet story a like icon along with a share!

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Pregnant Woman Gets Reported To The Police By Neighbor For Being Suspected Of Mistreating Her Dog



It is so far beyond our imagination how delusional gossip can be. In our pet lovers’ world, we assume there won’t be critical and damaging rumors about our little furbabies. People can gossip about this lady’s strange lizard clothing or that man’s obsession with his turtle. Everything seems very fine until someone oversteps the borderline, and gets the law enforcement agency involved. Then, the unfounded suspicion becomes nuclear and breaks the neighborhood into pieces. It is what should be learned from a woman with her Reddit account name u/No-Abalone4276. If you are curious now, let’s keep scrolling down for the whole situation!

Source: k9uchicago (photo used for illustration)

The original poster pinned her story on the viral subreddit r/AmItheA**hole to tell people about a next-door young couple. She had always noticed they had a small dog and walked him out daily once or twice. However, she hadn’t seen them doing it for the past two months but letting the dog play and scramble alone on their patio, so she concluded the couple was tired of the pet and starting to abandon him. She asked them about it and got refused to be answered.

Source: u/No-Abalone4276

Then, the OP called the authorities to report the neighbor couple for animal abuse. After the inspection, the police closed the case without any charge or accusation. Not accepting the police’s conclusion, the OP kept her ears around and found that the next-door girl was pregnant. Unfortunately, she also learned that everybody in her building was disgusted and badmouthing her.

Source: u/No-Abalone4277

In the comment zone of the pinned post, Redditors can’t help entitling her so poorly. They expected her to be the mean female character from the book series “Harry Potter” who loved to stick her nose around and exaggerate everything without any good intention. They suggested she should offer help if she thought the dog might need it or find a hobby such as books, knitting, cooking, et, in case she had too much idle time in her hand.

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Plus, Reddit pointed out the public authorities weren’t established to deal with nonsense people’s baloney. The OP might have called them when she was angry for being ignored, but after all, it was totally a waste of their precious time and people’s tax since the police could have used them for a worthier case. Also, they accused her of being overly curious, which violated others’ privacy. Because of it, she deserved to go through people pointing fingers at her and she’d better learn her lesson from it.

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

Source: r/AmItheA**hole

What a bizarre neighbor! Have you ever had to deal with similar situations? Please write them down in the comment section below if you feel like sharing your stories! Finally, don’t forget to give us a like icon and follow us to read more! We’re waiting to see you again!

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