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30 Adorable Pics Of Shiba Inu Who Always Has A Smile On His Face, Especially When Seeing Food

How do you often react after seeing food? Say “wow”, stare at it until it’s served on your table, or smile? All are possible, right? This 9-month-old Shiba Inu living in Tokyo, Japan is now a star on Instagram. Smile seems to never end on this cute puppy’ s face, especially when he sees something delicious in front of him; even if it’s a smoothie or a bowl of pasta on the table of his owner.

The facial expression of Uni (name of the dog) when seeing food has won the heart of millions of Internet users. It strongly proves that food is what make us happiest. If you are a foodholic, you will find something similar to yours in this cute buddy. His smiles putting on his face every day may also transmit positive energy to human and companions around him. Who can’t resist lovely dog’s actions? Even if you’re not a pet lover, you may still fall for him. We’ve rounded up 30 adorable smiling pics of this Shiba Inu. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

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