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30 Beautiful Pics Of Red Foxes Captured By 30-Year-Old Finnish Photographer Ian Granström

After 3 years of tracking and studying red foxes, 30-year-old Finnish photographer Ian Granström has finally earned their trust to photograph them up close. Here are 26 beautiful pics of them that he has excellently captured. If you are looking for pure pics of red foxes, you should never miss these. Once giving them a look, you will fall in love with these cute faces.

Photographer Ian Granström began photographing around three and a half years ago. He gets hooked into nature and, naturally, he started out shooting nature right away. In the beginning, he mostly took pictures of landscapes and photographed small birds and local wildlife. It was until one early morning, when he was out shooting, he suddenly spotted a young red fox. The photographer immediately took out his camera and snap an unsharp photo of it. His fate to photographing red foxes began.

But it wasn’t an easy process. He spent hundreds of hours of tracking and searching for red foxes in the Finnish wilderness and urban areas. He studied the red foxes’ behavior and slowly get closer to these cute and smart guys and gain their trust. These 30 gorgeous pictures of the red foxes are his achievement after working hard and seriously after 3 years. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

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