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Angry-Looking Cat Supervises Watermelons In Thailand And Is Loved By The Community

The grumpier the cat, the funnier it is. It’s the feline law of nature. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the furball named Pearl, an experienced supurrvisor from Thailand who has been guarding a watermelon farm for almost 6 years. Pearl’s supurrpowers lie in his ability to send chills down one’s spine with glaring stares.

But his owner warns not to get bamboozled by his looks, because Pearl is the sweetest little boi in the village. We do believe her, but it doesn’t mean this funny and slightly intimidating supurrvisor is letting anyone taste that sugary melon before paying for it.

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Pearl on his way to the shift at the watermelon farm

It’s no secret that the internet is crazy about grumpy-looking cats. Their mesmerizing glares and chilling stares have proven to be both irresistible and hysterically funny.

A giant fluff from Taiwan named Meow Meow caught everyone’s attention when people said she looked angrier than her famous predecessor (although no one will truly replace the iconic Grumpy Cat!) Another furry boy named Louis from Texas got everyone talking about just how angry he looks, and his 20K Instagram followers couldn’t agree more.

And no one will ever forget the striking Garfi the Persian cat, who we wrote about 5 years ago. Looking like a real scheming villain, Garfi has gained momentum for his incredible posing skills and infinite ginger fluffiness.

Making sure that the scales show the right numbers is also part of Pearl’s duty

But there may be a solid reason why the internet likes cats so much. Sam Ford, the director of digital strategy with Peppercom and a research affiliate with the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium, suggests that they allow us to engage in an activity humans have long been doing.

“Juxtaposing surprising meanings over cat images, a la the LOLcats phenomenon, allows us projecting our thoughts onto the mysterious countenance of felines,” he told Mashable. Not only do we project our thoughts, we can instantly relate to many feline facial expressions. Just like them, we too can go from plain grumpy to super excited in a minute.

This cuddly boi is taking some well-earned time for himself

Pearl isn’t quite impressed with the meal

Pearl posing in his guard post

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