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Boy Cries Tears Of Joy After Being Reunited With His Lost Dog

Dogs are our best friends who make up a big part of our daily routine. It’s no wonder that we share a strong bond with them and consider them as family members! Therefore, the grief from losing a beloved dog can be an emotionally devastating experience most dog owners have to go through.

Fortunately, there are many owners who are lucky enough to reunite with their lost dogs whom they thought they’d never see again. In this post, we would like to show you a heartwarming reunion of a boy and his lost dog. Scroll down to read the full story! Don’t forget to get out the tissues!

When Jamie Bandy and her family lost their beloved dog Bruiser, they were heartbroken. He went missing when trying to chase after a rabbit. The devastated family searched for months, but Bruiser didn’t return. They were also in frequent contact with Polk County Animal Control, but there was not a sign of Bruiser anywhere. They started to lose hope and assumed that they’d never see him again.

However, two months following the missing, there was a miracle. Jaime received a call from Highlands County Animal Control, who said they took care of Bruiser. They said that someone had picked up Bruiser and took him to in Animal Services.

The tears of sadness turned to ones of joy when the family heard the good news. Jamie decided to surprise her son Tyler by arranging a special reunion. And of course, she didn’t forget to capture the priceless moment on camera.

When Tyler saw his lost dog, he was overcome with emotion. He cried with joy when he saw his best friend again! He even fell to his knees to give his buddy a welcome home hug.

And Bruiser couldn’t hide his happiness when being reunited with his family and his friend. He wagged his tail and he licked Tyler’s tears away!

You can watch the touching reunion in the video below:

Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office shared the heartwarming moments on Facebook with the caption: ‘Here is a special treat to send you into the weekend crying some happy tears.’

There is nothing more precious than heartwarming reunions of animals with their owners. If you agree with us, please share this story with your friends and family members!

h/t: Reshareworthy

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