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Brave Cat Forms A Close Friendship With Baby Rhino

Mewie the cat and Jamila the baby rhino are best friends who live at a rhino orphanage. When Jamila arrived at the orphanage, Mewie developed a huge friend crush on her. They form an unlikely friendship and like doing everything together.

Mewie was rescued when he was a baby kitten and needed to be taken care of. He grows up with all different kinds of animals around him and now helps raise all of them. He is the king of the orphanage.

Jamila was taken to the orphanage when she was about a month old. The baby got hurt while trying to protect her mom from poachers who wanted their horns.

When Mewie met Jamila for the first time, he fell in love with the baby rhino and was determined to become her friend. Jamila was so happy to be safe but she missed her mom. Thanks to Mewie, Jamila felt happier and warmer.

Despite the size difference, Mewie was so patient and eventually captured Jamila’s heart. He showed her how much fun they could have together.

Jamila will be released in the wild when she’s old enough. She is really full of attitude, so she will be really good at being out in the wild. But until then, she and Mewie will be together and enjoy their priceless moments.

Watch their video here:

What a cute friendship! If you love Mewie and Jamila, you can keep up with them on Instagram.

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