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Brazilian Mailman Takes Adorable Selfies With Every Animal He Meets While At Work

There is a stereotype that dogs hate postmen. Surely, all mailmen have to attend a special training course to fend off attacks from canines, and it comes as a rule to avoid dogs if one can. But one Brazilian mailman named Cristiano da Silva Antunes challenges and breaks the stereotype. He always stops and takes adorable selfies with every dog he meets along his daily route. Not just that, the mailman says hello to the neighboring cats, rabbits, and all other kinds of animals.

Here are 30 amazing photos of this mailman and animals he meets while at work. Why not take selfies with them? This’s a great idea to save the moment and have pretty pics to look back for years. And these furry friends are friendly if you know how to get along with them. Cristiano is currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He goes by the name of Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais on his social media, which neatly translates to “Animal-friendly postman.”

Image Credits: Carteiro Amigo dos Animais
















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