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From Filth To Fluff: Yogi The Kitten Rescued From A Dumpster

Yogi himself discarded a couple more items just yesterday on his way to a forever home A few weeks into July, and the temperatures could be sweltering in central Florida. The sun beats down, rays of heat rise along the horizon on anything that is not shaded. The dumpsters that line buildings are one of the worse items you might not take into consideration One teacher did not expect to discover a tiny kitten in Pinellas County, alive among the dumpster filth.

They realized it wasn’t going to last long, but immediately they took the baby out of its would-be grave. The tiny kitten was immediately taken to a nearby shelter.

The little boy vomited, had diarrhea, and declined to feed. His small body smelled like a.w.f.u.l and was coated in mud from fleas. The poor boy, he just didn’t do well in general. A much-needed bath and a name, Yogi, were given to him.

However, Yogi was a special case. And his adoptive mother worked full-time, too. She realized he had to be in specialized medical treatment through the day. But she just couldn’t, no matter what his situation may be, help him with that.

This is not the first time this situation has arisen, but learning that emergency agencies work together to come up with the right solution is heartwarming. And the strategy needs to be 100% for the livestock.

So they put in a transfer request for a medical foster.

So Yogi’s full fluff appeared with the d.u.m.p.s.t.e.r dirt from his little body and he went off to his new foster home.

It was here in Sarasota’s Purrfect Match, Inc and Erica LaPerriere’s house, where he would have the medical treatment needed around the clock. When the findings were disappointing, they were both pleased.

He had plenty of caring, dietary supplements, syringe feedings, and prescription. Yogi bounced back within a week or so after more baths.

He had to love knowing all the kitten criteria of foster care until he felt better. When he got an updated tent to play in, his mini brain was b.l.o.w.n. Since he was able to run on coordinated legs for the first time! And perhaps the first time he had seen another cat, his reflection, a.k.a.

Now he’s weighed in on his (big boy weigh). Little Yogi will be placed up for adoption until he is all cured and cleared up.

Yogi is a very sweet and loving kitten and the lucky ones will really be his angry kin!

Source: Pulla World

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