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This Man Has The Most Adorable Alarm Clock In The World

It’s finally time to ditch that alarm clock and pick up a… dog? Yes! For any dog lovers reading this, a recent video might just convert you to “team dog”. One little puppy wakes up his owner every day like clockwork!

This is this pit bull’s early morning daily routine.

Sean Sarantos loves two things in life – working out and his dog! His little Frenchy has recently become his partner in helping him with his everyday routine.

Sean wanted a way to start his day in a good mood AND wake up on time. The easy solution? Have a cute puppy wake you up!

Instead of a terrifying beeping noise going off in the wee hours of the morning, Sean has his little pup give him cuddles instead.

The puppy playfully snuggles his owner to make sure he wakes up.

Never starting with a bark, the Frenchy jumps into bed and gives a few snuggles.

Pushing himself against his friend’s face, them rubbing his beard, the pup won’t stop the onslaught until he gets what he wants! He even resorts to nibbling on Sean’s nose!

It’s just hilarious to think that the Frenchy does not have a snooze button, which means that the puppy would relentlessly try to wake Sarantos up until he opens his eyes.

Well, because of that feature, there might probably days when the owner just pretends to be asleep so he could receive more of his pup’s snuggles.

Once you use the “puppy routine” in the morning, you could never go back to the alarm clock model!

Electric alarms are brutish and jarring, aren’t they? It’s 2021. We need new answers to old problems.

Don’t start off a tired day WORSE when you could just get a puppy to wake you up. It basically ensures a permanent good mood.

That magical “puppy energy” can then be transferred to us for the rest of the day. And ultimately, waking up with cuddles is objectively better than waking up to the sound of violence (alarm clocks).

If you want the pleasure of waking up like this, consider getting a live alarm clock like this.

Pet owners always have the pleasure of waking up to a beautiful morning. Our pets mediate a chemical called oxytocin, or what is called the “happy chemical,” or the “love hormone.”

When we see and play with our pets, we produce oxytocin and end up feeling better. There is a scientific reason behind therapy dogs in hospitals! When you feel emotionally healthy, you can heal faster.

If you want to have a cute and cuddly alarm clock like Sean, do not hesitate to adopt a puppy and take good care of it!

If you need more convincing about the merits of a puppy alarm clock, check out the video below.

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Source: Youtube

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