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Distressed Puppy Abandoned On Road Gets Rescued And Makes Miraculous Recovery At Chimp Sanctuary

As an animal lover, Jenny Desmond is no stranger to saving animals in need. So when she came upon a dying puppy abandoned on the side of the road, she knew she had to act fast in order to save the tiny pup.

Jenny was driving through a remote Liberian village, when she spotted the poor puppy. The pup was so sick that he would not survive through the next day or two. So Jenny immediately took the pup home and brought him to her husband Jimmy, who’s a veterinarian.

They named Snafu and began treating him. When Snafu was healthy enough, Jenny decided to take him to the chimpanzee sanctuary she and her husband run.

Jenny and Jimmy rescue wild chimps from the exotic pet trade. They also help protect Liberia’s remaining wild chimps in their natural habitat.

The chimps at the sanctuary took the puppy in and absolutely loved him. They gave him tons of snuggles and cuddles. Snafu also loved the chimps, and she enjoyed playing with them. After several months of care, Snafu grew into a strong and healthy dog.

Jenny and Jimmy loved Snafu, but they couldn’t give him all the attention he deserved. For this reason, they decided to find him a new home. Thankfully, Jenny’s sister in Colorado adopted Snafu and gave him a fantastic home. Snafu absolutely loved her new mom, and he also loved playing with her nieces.

Watch the video to see how wonderful Snafu looks all grown up.

Jenny is a wonderful woman who has done an incredible job in her life! Despite her focus on saving chimps, whenever she sees an animal who is struggling, she will rush to help.

If you want to learn more about Jenny’s extraordinary work rescuing animals in Liberia and help her with her lifesaving work, please visit Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue.

h/t: Reshareworthy

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