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People Are Filling Their Cars With Sea Turtles To Save Them From The Winter Storm

As Texas continues to reel from freezing temperatures brought on by this year’s winter vortex, humans aren’t the only ones feeling the chill.

Along the coastline, countless sea turtles have been stunned by the life-threatening cold — but thankfully, they haven’t been forgotten.

For them, help is on the way.

Over the last few days, volunteers from Sea Turtle, Inc. on South Padre Island have been working tirelessly to save as many turtles as possible.

Since turtles are cold-blooded they’re unable to regulate their internal temperature, so they’ve been left virtually paralyzed by the frigid weather. Unable to swim or move properly, they are at serious risk of drowning.

Faced with this potential tragedy, volunteers have been scouring the shoreline and are filling their vehicles with turtles to carry them to safety.

The South Padre Island Convention Centre and Visitors Bureau has become a temporary shelter for thousands of these rescued turtles — hosting some 3,500 so far.

And that number keeps rising by the hour.

Here’s video from the rescue center, showing turtles as far as the eye can see, getting a much-needed opportunity to warm up and recover their strength:

The scene at the convention center is surreal — but every shell in sight is a life people have taken the time to rescue.


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The effort to save these turtles is ongoing, but with any luck, each and every one will soon be returned home when the harsh weather has subsided. From there, their lives — and countless generations to follow — will be a testament to the many volunteers who helped see them through.

To learn more about Sea Turtle, Inc., and to find out how you can help, visit them here.

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