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Golden Retriever Named Jubjib Is A ‘Durian Harvester’ Who Has Been Adorably Posing For Family Harvest Pics Since 2014

Golden retrievers are some of the happiest dogs in the whole universe. Yeah, I said it. And sure, all dogs are more than capable of expressing unimaginable amounts of joy, but it’s the goldies that often take the cake with their doggo smiles that are just too adorable to not react to.

Meet Jubjib, an incredibly adorable golden retriever from Thailand who, as it turns out, spends his days helping his lovely family harvest durian fruit and it turns out Jubjib has been at it for years!

Meet Jubjib, the super cute goldie who’s also a ‘durian harvester’ at this one Thai durian farm

So, Jubjib lives on a farm—no, not like that—in Thailand, a durian fruit farm, to be precise. Durian are said to be the smelliest fruit in the world. Some have ventured to explain that the fruit smells like “pig excrement, turpentine, and onions, garnished with a gym sock.” The description may vary.

Annual pictures of the dog with the adorably contagious smile have become a bit of a tradition

This particular farm has a Facebook page, where Jubjib has become a bit of a celebrity and the face of the business. Throughout the years, the business has been posting pictures of the cute pupper, sometimes wearing fabulous hats, basking in the glory of the durian harvest.

With each harvest, the farmer family would take a picture of Jubjib ‘working’ on the durian harvest

2014 was when the first pictures of Jubjib surfaced, and it has become a bit of an annual tradition since then. Sure, there’s loads of photos of multiple harvests, Jubjib ‘hard at work,’ but the owners have condensed some of their best pictures of Jubjib into a neat annual collage that you can check out in this article.

And then in 2016, they also included hats and scarfs, making it even more adorable

Jubjib has become such an iconic figure on the farm that his likeness has even graced the packaging—the farm distributes durian and durian products (like fried durian) in packaging that has a sticker with Jubjib dressed in an adorable red hat and scarf combo.

And why wouldn’t he be on the packaging? JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THAT ADORABLY ECSTATIC SMILE! You can’t resist. You must not resist it. The durian farmer doggo demands pets!

The farm produces and distributes fresh durian and their products, like fried durian

People online loved Jubjib to bits, saying that he is simply pawfect, an amazing farmhand—claiming he’s the cutest durian harvester/farmhand dog ever—and also joking that he must love durian so much so as to ignore its foul smell. And mind you, dogs have an incredible sense of smell.

Oh, and people adored the hats, as said by one commenter: “She protecc. She attacc. But most importantly, she got a big hat.”

It wasn’t long until the internet found out about this very good dog and it went viral

So, what are your thoughts on this? On a scale of 10 to infinity, how much of a good dog do you think Jubjib is? Let us know in the comment section below!

And while you’re waiting for 2021 to come out, check out some of Jubjib’s other pics



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