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Good Samaritans Rescued Dog Who Was Nearly Strangled By A Kite String

Paul Tilghmon and Heather Johnson from Fulton County saved a Georgia dog who was nearly strangled by a small noose. If they hadn’t rescued the dog, she wouldn’t have survived in such a bad condition.

They found the dog near their home, and were horrified to witness what the dog had been through. She had been badly beaten and abused with a kite string tied around her neck so tight that she couldn’t breathe. When the couple gave her some food, she was choking and couldn’t swallow. Her head was swollen from lack of circulation, and her eyes were swollen shut, and full of pus.

The couple captured some photos of the dog and shared them on Facebook: “Poor little girl, Heather and I found her beaten and abused with a rope tied around her her neck so tight that once we gave her some food she was choking and couldn’t swallow. Her head was swollen from lack of circulation. Eyes swollen shut, full of pus… Fulton County Animal Services came and picked her up…”

Thankfully, the dog was rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC and named Cheers. The rescuers took her to their vet where she was treated and cared for. They even helped her find a new home.

After everything happened, Cheers finally found a forever home.

“Cheers has come a long way from being found with a kite string tied around her neck. She is now named Maddie and is enjoying every moment of her new life,” Second Chance Rescue NYC revealed in an update.

Cheers is now named Maddie and is happy to have a life that is full of cuddles, kisses, exercise, and love. She is enjoying her new life that she deserves.

Thank you for rescuing this dog and bringing her back to health. We can only hope and pray that the abusers are repaid in kind for their treatment of this sweet baby. We’re cheering you on sweet girl, you’re in great hands now. Hang in there Sweetie!

If you would like to help other dogs at their rescue, you may visit their website to find out more about how to help. Please share her rescue story with your friends and family members!

h/t: Reshareworthy

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