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Heartbreaking Photo Of Elderly Dog Enjoying Her Last Car Ride Might Bring You To Tears

When a photo of an old dog getting her last car journey was shared on Reddit, it has gone viral and captured the hearts of many. The photo captioned ‘an old dog’s last ride was posted by the dog’s owner Nicole Alderman. Needless to say, people can’t hold back their tears as seeing the pic.

The photo shows a 15-year-old dog named Libra, sitting in her owner’s car with her head out of the window. She closes her eyes and looks content when she enjoys her car ride. Sadly, the car journey turned out to be her last one because ​she passed away a few days later.

Image credit: Reddit/ewhippieyoustink2

“She was about 15 years old and I’ve had her since I was a kid,’ Nicole explains, before adding: ‘She started getting very sick. Having seizures, collapsing and unable to move or control her bladder. She was our baby and this was the hardest thing.”

“Libra was ready to go, so we helped her. She was so peaceful and happy and the picture makes me feel better about not having her around anymore.”

The photo was initially removed by Reddit administrators as it had distressing content, but it has since been reinstated and users started to share their own stories, as well as their condolences.

Image credit: Daily Mail

Nicole apologized for sharing the sad post, she wrote on Reddit: “I’m sorry everyone, I was feeling sentimental about my girl, Libra, that passed this time last year.”

One person wrote: “Libra looks like she was having a fine last ride. And I know she is waiting for you over the bridge.”

Watch the video here:

While another added: “Libra is not in pain anymore. Lovely picture!”

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h/t: Daily Mail

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