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Stray Dog Keeps Chasing After Bus Until It Stops And Driver Adopts Her

A stray pet’s life is not easy. Due to being treated like humans, they don’t quite know how to act in places that are not their home. It’s painful to see stray dogs wandering alone on the streets, and the pain is often clear on their faces too.

Jaypee Barcelinia got on the bus, in Quezon City, Philippines, and this is where the story begins.

As Jayppe was sitting on the bus, something caught her attention, a dog was running at high speed after the bus and when the bus would slow down the dog would try to climb on it, a dog chasing after a bus wasn’t unusual but what was unusual on this story was just how determined was this dog, he just seemed to not give up, failing 6 times to climb the bus he was still trying.

Seeing the efforts of the dog, Jayppe thought that maybe the bus driver should have taken the dog into the bus, but the driver wasn’t sure that was a good idea.

The driver was frightened that the dog might get aggressive and bite other passengers on the bus, even that it looked the poor pouch just wanted a place to rest his head still the bus driver found that risky.

Seeing that he is being rejected the dog still kept running and wasn’t giving up, everyone around noticing the determination, feel so inspired by the dogs efforts.

When the bus stopped, the dog got near the door and paused as if asking permission to get in. Seeing the dogs hard efforts, the bus driver just couldn’t say no, and let the dog climbing in. After she earned a spot on the bus, the cute dog went, sat down and started taking a nap, what a cute and friendly dog he was.

The footage of the dog went viral soon, because everyone was so inspired by how this dog wasn’t giving up.

But this wasn’t all, the dog story got even better, the driver that first was hesitant to let the dog climb in, felt an attachment to the dog and took the decision to adopt her.

“Even after the journey finished the dog didn’t want to leave,” Barcelinia said in her interview with Newsflare. “The driver is now keeping her and taking care of her.” As this story pretty clearly shows, a little bit of determination can go a long way!

Wow what a story, go doggie live the best life, you fought hard for this.

Source: DogFull

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