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Dog Helps His Best Friend To Scratch His Back Where He Can’t Reach

If there’s one thing dogs can do wonderfully, it is scratch. The funniest thing is when they look so comfortable that they start to move their hind legs as a sign that they are enjoying it and even feel ticklish.

However, dogs also go through a difficult situation that we all already deal with: itching in areas where we cannot reach.

Fortunately, nothing that cannot be solved with a good friend. Some young people were walking through the streets of Rachasima, Thailand, when they found two puppies.

They seemed like best friends and it didn’t take long for them to make a small demonstration of the enormous affection they felt for each other.

He was lying in front of a store and his friend approached him with great delicacy.

The dogs seemed to understand each other very well. And with all the confidence of the world the brown puppy is about to put his front paws on his friend’s back. The brown dog made movements up and down with his paw to pass it on his faithful companion’s back.

He seems to be so used to doing this that he does not hesitate to change his leg to continue the delicate operation. At first glance, anyone can ask themselves what the dogs were doing, but just take a look at the white dog’s reaction to understand.

“I had never seen anything like it. I am dying of tenderness. He even has a whole technique,” commented one user on the networks.

He was helping him to scratch an area where he couldn’t reach.

Watch the video below:

The little white dog seemed very satisfied with his friend’s work and shook his back paw in a clear sign that this was exactly the point where he needed to be scratched a little.

There’s no doubt that they know very well what friendship means. Nothing is more important than having the unconditional support of a friend to relieve the itch.

Source: Zoorprendente

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