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Kitten Rips Up Wallpaper In Bedroom And Accidentally Uncovers A Hidden Work Of Art

Cats are known for being aloof and independent. They love to sleep and can spend most of their time sleeping. While most of them prefer finding a warm spot for a cat nap, some are active, energetic and playful like dogs.

Meet Zipper, a tiny kitten who is always full of energy. He is always curious and loves to get into everything in his house. Due to his active personality, his mom, Ceejae Jackman, struggles to keep up with his antics and stop him from getting into mischief.

“He is very rambunctious and energetic,” Garret Jackman, Ceejae’s son, said. “His name suits him well.”

Recently, Zipper discovered that he could easily rip the wallpaper off the walls in one of the bedrooms. And of course, a new mischief appeared in his mind.

Ceejae decided to remove the wallpaper to stop him from tearing it – and that’s when she realized that Zipper had actually uncovered something wonderful.

“But as she removed more, she began to see a tree. Once she had the tree partially uncovered she sent me a picture and I was like, ‘Mom, this room has a mural.’”

As it turned out, there was a mural hidden under the wallpaper and Ceejae and her husband couldn’t believe just how beautiful it was.

The pair would like to thank the artist who drew this artwork, so they posted some pics on Facebook with the hope that the artist would see the mural hidden.

A man named Jody Bayles came forward to claim responsibility for the awesome and gorgeous art. “He said that he painted it for his friend’s first child over the course of a year, adding things here and there,” Jackman said.

Watch the video below:

Thanks to Zipper, the family may uncover the incredible mural underneath. It is clear that this time, his mischief actually made everyone’s day!

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