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Lonely Pup Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Her Life

We all know that dogs are loyal and affectionate creatures. They will never forget about people who treat them well. They have an ability to remember kind people, and they will show that in many ways.

Earlier this year, one man had a chance to experience this doggy gratitude. A 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Chunk was tied to a tree, shivering in the cold rain. It was clear that she suffered from mange, and was in a really bad situation.

A crew from the Sacramento fire department was on the way to answer a call. They saw the poor dog but were unable to stop and help her. After responding to the call, one firefighter named Mike Thawley remembered the dog and asked his crew to go back to help. They turned back, rescued Chunk, and took her to the firehouse.

Source: Sacramento Police Department viaFacebook

The crew immediately gave her a bath and many cuddles to keep her warm. But they couldn’t handle her mange because it was too bad. Her little legs inflamed and she had lost most of her fur.

As soon as recognizing they couldn’t do much for her, the crew took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter for proper treatment and hoped to find a loving home for her as well.

The shelter staff quickly started to treat her wounds and gave her some clothes to cover her body instead of her lost fur. Mike Thawley couldn’t help but felt worried about her so he decided to turn back to the shelter the next day.

The dog obviously remembered the firefighter. She enthusiastically greeted him even when she was tired. Her tail wagged happily and she tried to lick his face. She followed him to go around the shelter for a moment, and they got along well with each other.

Source: Video Screenshot

Thawley affirmed that he had a soft spot for Chunk.

He returned to the shelter with his wife and children so that they could meet the dog. The Sacramento Fire Department made a post saying that:

“Although Mike denies it, it appears by a vote of four to one that Chunk might wind up with a permanent home!”

And the post became a true prediction. Thawley’s family decided to adopt Chunk. The pup still needed to stay at the shelter to complete her mange treatment and receive a full bill of health. So the family had to wait four months to take her to their home.

Source: Sacramento Bee

Bobby Mann, the Front Street Animal Shelter spokesperson, commented on this story:

“I think what’s great about this whole story is that not only did this dog find its forever home, but had the opportunity to go to a foster home, which we’re always looking for at our shelter, to get happy and healthy.”

Watch the video of Mike Thawley and Chunk below:

Source: Little Things

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