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Mischievous Cockatoos Meow At Cats And Bark At Dogs Like A Pro

The intelligence of animals never cease to amaze humans, and there’s no doubt that parrot is one of the smartest species on this Earth. These extraordinary birds are able to reason logically, learn human language, understand abstract concepts and even do some simple math.

Cockatoo is probably one of the smartest parrot breeds with impressive talking ability. As long as they are well guided and trained, cockatoos can easily mimic words associated with their habits and speak quite fluently. It also means if you happen to have a cat or a dog in your house, your cockatoo can even meow like your cat and bark like your dog.

The funny cockatoo in this video is a great example. He lives with three kitties under the same roof, so it’s no surprise that the talkative bird can speak cat language like he’s a part of the gang. When a cat or all of the cats piss him off, the proud bird doesn’t mind teaching them a lesson right away – in their language of course.

Screenshot, DailyPicksandFlicks

The poor cats seem to be taken aback and stunned, they even look confused. But seriously, who can blame them though? If a cow came up and trolled us using human language, we definitely would freak out too!

Let’s take a peek at the hilarious lecture:

If this amusing conversation is still not enough to entertain you, here is another cockatoo who can bark like a dog. And the interesting thing is unlike the bird above, this sassy boy doesn’t live with any four-legged companion in his home. He learns everything from his neighbor’s dogs.

Screenshot, RM Videos

In contrast to the cats’ surprise, these three dogs seem to have gotten used to the sudden appearance of their aggressive guest. Right when the bird’s owner pulls his car over, they immediately start barking furiously at each other like they have done this a million times.

Listen to the intense debate:

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