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People Are Posting Pics Of Cats Sitting In Bread Position, And The Photos Are Hilarious!

Cats are known for being independent and mysterious creatures. They often puzzle their humans with weird behaviors and habits. By somehow, they are able to sit in anywhere and any position. They even can sit in a lot of interesting positions, and the ‘loaf’ is among the most common. These furry friends love sitting in a bread loaf position because they feel comfortable and want to warm themselves. Because of that, if you find your furry friends with their paws tucked under the body on a cold day, they may want to retain their body heat to warm them up.

The “bread loaf” position has become quite popular on social media. So it’s not surprising that many cat owners are sharing photos of their cats sitting in a bread position. Here are 25 pics of cats embracing their loaf that are taking the Internet by storm. Scroll down to see and prepare yourself for cuteness overload!

#1. Faceplant loaf

Source: WaffleConfetti

#2. He is the true master loafer

Source: Death Cat

#3. She won’t get off.

Source: Pickle me Elmo

#4. “Bread loaf on the towel I dropped.”

Source: Amanda Reicha

#5. “I’m not looking at you.”

Source: Johnny U

#6. Lap loaf

Source: miss miss

#7. “I cat, therefore I loaf…”

Source: Jonathan Kirkland

#8. Sookie

Source: Nicolas Pilot

#9. Poucette As A Catloaf

Source: Jessica Morin

#10. If you’re happy and you know it smile big!

Source: hyperunknown

#11. Gorgeous baby! Those markings are beautiful!

Source: Kerry Jonsson

#12. Pumpkin Loaf

Source: Doris Charron

#13. Loaff

Source: Annalena Hoyer

#14. Beware the Darkfloaf.

Source: Thiago Stoianov

#15. One loaf, one not

Source: Nicolas Pilot

#16. Fluffy Loaf

Source: Earl Grey

#17. Drunken Loaf

Source: Jenna

#18. Orange loaf

Source: •SIMMER•

#19. Silly bean.

Source: orshie boejthe

#20. Not perfect loafcat but perfect placement.

Source: Therese Ernholdt

#21. Such a cute catto!

Source: Lotte Mejlby

#22. Sleepy Loaf

Source: PixieVonBehr

#23. Don’t mess with a loaf or you’ll be toast!

Source: Yoga Kitty

#24. “I declare that this cat is a loaf of bread. Now can I eat it?”

Source: Jelena

#25. “This is “kitty” loaf. She loved baking in winters like this. I miss her so much. 2010-2021.”

Source: Ana Breeze

Which one is the cutest loaf? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you have pics of cats sitting in a bread loaf position, be sure to share them with us!

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