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People Are Posting The Best Unexpected Encounters With Dogs, And The Photos Are So Hilarious

Dogspotting is a great Facebook group where people share photos of random dogs that they encounter. It’s also a fun place for dog lovers. Needless to say, the photos posted on this group are so pure and hilarious. Thanks to these pics, the group has gone viral and gained many people’s attention. The community now has 1.8 million members, all following one basic rule: don’t post photos of dogs you know, whether it’s your own dog or one that you’ve seen before. Honestly, the group sounds like heaven.

We believe that there’s nothing better than funny and cute dog pics. They will boost your mood and brighten your day with a dozen nose-boops and doggo snuggles. That’s the reason why we gathered some pics of dogs featured on the group to share with you. Have a scroll through these funny pics and don’t forget to pick your favorite ones.

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1. “The wall has eyes and… I mean, mouths and noses.”

Image credit: Sachitha Amarasekera

2. “Our office recently hired a senior. He’s 15. Has no teeth, can barely smell or hear. But he is perfect.”

Image credit: Nicole Perrault

3. It’s his first day of training.

Image credit: Calista Jones

4. Look at him – happy to do his doggy duty!

Image credit: Trexel McGalloway

5. “I work at starbucks and this happened today in the drive thru (I got permission to take this photo)”

Image credit: Chelsea Brown‎

6. “WTF is wrong with you?”

Image credit: Christy Paul

7. That looks like the house from amazing world of gumball.

Image credit: Cordelia Zhong

8. “This little princess came into my work today. Her name is blu and I can’t handle how tiny she is. She took over my heart. 2238578483/10 would let her run around again.”

Image credit: Megan Brooke Lane

9. “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go. I promise.”

Image credit: Jordan Simone Adair‎

10. “You can’t make me.”

Image credit: Adrienne Halsey

11. Was waiting for a taxi in argentina pre-covid when a i heard sniffling.

Image credit: Amy Sh

12. Second frame: the face of someone who trusts nothing.

Image credit: Monique Callari

13. “Yes hello I would like to withdraw all available treats.”

Image credit: Becca Schlim‎

14. All eyes on her

Image credit: Anh-Thu Pham

15. “I Found A Newfoundland In Newfoundland!”

Image credit: Бекки Алекс‎

16. New assistant at the local pharmacy

Image credit: Samuel Lorincik

17. “Good Morning M’am”

Image credit: Erin Puccinelli

18. How much is that doggie in the window?

Image credit: Fifi de Faoite

19. “Coworker left his baked pawtato on my desk.”

Image credit: Cameron Coday

20. No borks, just dorks!

Image credit: Thomas Bela Kiss

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