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People Are Using Filters On Their Pets, And The Results Are Hilarious!

When it comes to filters, we have many choices, such like face-swap, gender-swap, and so on. Adding photo filters to your image is a good way to make your photos better and help you get everyone’s attention. They will add contrast among colors and highlight your subject.

And this is no exception to our pets. When you use filters on them, the results are just glorious. These pets come alive with awesome filters that most of you think they just work on human’s photos. We are sure that you will instantly feel the need to say, “Aww,” or laugh out loud after seeing them with filters.

It’s about time that our 4-legged friends made an appearance on social media. Check out the photos below and say hello to the new kings and queens of filters. Like your pet, these filters are adorable.

#1 When a dog has better eyebrows than you.

Source: Danielle Sugden

#2 Haha one does not look amused.

Source: Elle Zulauf

#3 “Just wait…you have to sleep sometime!”

Source: Dan Lindholm

#4 He did something he don’t want you to see lmao!

Source: Katie Lillegard

#5 When you get the snapchat filters to work on your pets.

Source: allisonlynn93

#6 When you are eating and the dog gives that look “I Want Too”

Source: Marciano Junior

#7 This dog with bald filter.

Source: ealupcomingmovies

#8 She is just adorable, and she knows it!

Source: Oliver Klos

#9 It’s Angel from Lady and the Tramp 2!! Just a minor change in furcoat colour!

Source: Unknown

#10 One of the stars of Secret life of pets!

Source: Callie Parker White

#11 “Will you expect this rose?”

Source: Jenn Ryan

#12 “Play with me???”

Source: Kendra Campbell

#13 Pretty bird

Source: rebeca albertotti

#14 “I dont think think you know how pretty I really am.”

Source: Tina Ivanova

#15 “Go home dog, you’re high!”

Source: Ashton Dawn Freeman

#16 “Can I have some?”

Source: Victoria Milner

#17 She’s not impressed!

Source: Kyle Griffin

#18 The doggy looks like Daisy.

Source: Mary Hagen

#19 Puppydogeyes 2.0

Source: Michelle Cunningham

#20 “What’d you say they did to my testicles??”

Source: Samantha Elizabeth

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