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Pup With Walking Problems Dances Happily After One Month Of Rehabilitation

Life is not fair right when it starts. Many people are just unfortunate to be born with unexpected birth defects, and their life is certainly way tougher than it should be. However, if their loved ones can share the burden and help them overcome difficulties, they could be just as happy as any other human being in this world.

Animals are no different, they have their own battle to fight too. Meet Gobbles, a pitiful puppy in Louisiana who was born with a rare condition that prevented him from moving normally. What kind of dog could be happy if he can’t just running around chasing balls and sticks? Our poor Gobbles seemed to be aware of his painful problem, he looked depressed.

But the Northshore Humane Society wasn’t ready to give up on Gobbles. They found the little guy an amazing foster mom who could help him with therapy, and they even took him to the Resurge Veterinary Surgical Specialists and Rehabilitation to fix the situation.

Gobbles was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, which they explained as “a developmental condition in which a portion of his brain failed to develop properly affecting his motor skills, balance and coordination.”

However, after one month of rehabilitation, a miracle happens. Gobbles turns out to be a fun guy who absolutely loves music, and he can dance like a star now!

Screenshot, Resurge Veterinary Surgical Specialists and Rehabilitation

Of course, Gobbles’ foster mom and the staff of the Northshore Humane Society aren’t the only ones who feel excited about his awesome progress. His direct caregivers at the clinic are all happy for him too!

“We all just love Gobbles,” they said. “He always gets everyone dancing and sharing the purple green and gold love. He truly brings the spirit of carnival everywhere he goes. Thank you for brightening everyone’s day Gobbles. You’re the best!”

Just take a look at the gorgeous cutie with his cheerful backup dancers:

This sweet boy still has a long way to go to be ready for adoption, but he is definitely making the most of every day. Well Gobbles, you rock!

Please share his incredible journey with your friends and family!

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