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Rescue Dog Is Obsessed With Stray Kittens

Valia Orfanidou is an animal rescue advocate who comes from Greece. She is also the founder of The Orphan Pet, a YouTube channel is dedicated to making videos about all animals, including humans.

She now has three rescue dogs who live happily in her home in Athens. The trio is so sweet and adorable, but this time, she would like to show us one of them, a rescue dog named Pela.

Image credits: The Orphan Pet

Pela is a cute but weird dog. While most dogs don’t like kittens and simply ignore them, Pela is fascinated with them. She ​loves to stare at kittens that roam through Greece.

When she meets kittens, she stares at them for hours, according to Valia. “The little kitten stands still. So does the dog. Nothing happens for 5 minutes,” she said.

Image credits: The Orphan Pet

Thanks to Pela’s love for kittens, Valia has more overwhelming feelings over all the stray cats she encounters. Recently, she had a chance to rescue an abandoned kitten. Pela wouldn’t stop staring at the kitten in the night until Valia found the kitten and rescued him.

Watch the full video here:

“The Kitten Starer…silently communicating with them,” one person commented after watching the video. We will never know what Pela wants to say, but we are sure that it is a gentle, curious conversation that can make everyone feel warmer and happier.

“There are about 5 millions streets cats in Greece – the number is just an estimation, and kittens like these are everywhere this time of the year, a few months after the reproductive season. Yes we try to spay and neuter as many as possible, but it is like trying to catch a moving train,” Valia shared.

If you want to support Valia to help animals in need, you can contact her via [email protected] Don’t forget to follow her on social media to update the latest news about her great work.

More info: YouTube, The Orphan Pet Blog, The Orphan Pet Facebook Page​, Support me on Patreon​, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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