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Orphaned Baby Squirrel Followed Massive Pit Bull Home And Now They’re Inseparable

The maternal instinct is one of the strongest forces in the world. We could find many stories of maternal instinct in animals, but in this post, we would like to show you a touching story of the sweet relationship that exists between a dog and her adopted baby squirrel.

Everyone meets Everly and his special friend!

Dogs are kind and loving creatures by nature, regardless of the breed. So as surprising as it sounds, when an orphaned little squirrel approaches a massive dog it can end only one way – a friendship for life. It’s also the case of this lovely pit bull and his super-cute best buddy.

The other day, when Morgan Joy Groves – Everly’s mom took his “good boy” out for a walk, they came across a tiny creature. A confused baby squirrel all alone was standing there watching them. Since it was no sign of its mom, Morgan presumed the poor baby got lost. However, she wasn’t sure how to act, but fortunately, none of her actions were necessary since the cute little thing was fascinated by Everly straight away.

As soon as Morgan and her beloved dog headed back home, their new little friend started to follow them and it only stopped when they got home. There, things escalated quickly. The tiny squirrel approached Everly just like it was bagging to him to get adopted. And the dog’s answer came sooner than expected. Since that moment the two became inseparable.

The poor baby squirrel finally found the comfort it needed and Everly on the other hand found the friend he was always seeking for.


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Even though, raising a squirrel could much more challenging than it thought, so Morgan decided it would be much better for the little one to join a squirrel sanctuary until it will be a grown-up, and eventually to reunite it with Everly when ready. Can’t wait to see these two back together, once again.

Image credits: belleandbev

Source: the green story

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