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Senior Cat Loves Christmas So Much That Her Family Gives Her A Year-Round Tree

Luna is 17 years old, and ever since she was just a kitten, her favorite time of the year has always been Christmas time.

“[She’s] always hanging around the tree, and curious about the decorations,” Shawn Meyer, Luna’s mom, told The Dodo. “She doesn’t ever attack the tree.”

Luna loves exploring and admiring the Christmas setup every year, especially the Christmas lights. She’s always been rather obsessed with the lights, and seems sad every year when her parents take them down again.

“She would stare at us as we put them away like she was wondering why we had to do it,” Meyer said.

Since Luna is already in her golden years, it’s hard to know how many Christmases she has left — so her parents decided they wanted to do something special for her to make it feel like Christmas all year round.

Luna has a special cat tree that actually has branches and leaves running through it, which her parents realized was the perfect place to put up some permanent Christmas lights.

“The idea to install lights permanently was a spur-of-the-moment thing,” Meyer said. “We got the rainbow curtain lights as a gift, but we have no curtains. After thinking on it a bit, I realized we have the perfect place for them where they’d be appreciated.”

As Luna napped elsewhere, her parents turned her cat tree into the most magical place — and when she woke up, she was absolutely thrilled with what she saw.

“She is deaf, so she slept through the whole installation of the new lights,” Meyer said. “So it really was a surprise to her. And she looked quite pleased!”

Luna seemed so excited that she gets to experience Christmas all year round, and her cat tree is definitely her favorite place to be.

“It’s every bit of happiness and comfort we could think to give her, and she basically lives in the tree now,” Meyer said. “She even prefers to take her meals in it.”

As Meyer watched Luna in her tree, she couldn’t help but create a magical story in her head about a senior cat who loves Christmas so much that some magical fairies turned her cat tree into a twinkling wonderland. She posted the tale she came up with on Facebook, and is even working on writing a children’s book about Luna and her magical tree.

Luna is older and knows exactly what she likes by now, and she’s thrilled that she gets to experience her favorite thing in the world whenever she wants.

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