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Sick Emaciated Kittens Blossom Into Gorgeous And Healthy Cats

When Jennifer met these kittens, she was shocked to discover just how sick and tiny they were. The poor guys were 5-week-old kittens weighing roughly 5 pounds – the size of a 1-week-old. They were completely skin and bones.

According to Jennifer, they were the most emaciated kittens that she had seen. They needed to be cared above and beyond what a normal foster parent may be able to provide. These poor kittens were so weak that she was afraid they wouldn’t make it through the night.

That first night, she didn’t sleep much. She checked on the kittens and watched them all the time to make sure they were breathing. They were very lethargic and was not really responding.

But amazingly, within a couple of days, the kittens started to recover. Their heads would peek up in response to Jennifer’s voice. That was, like, a huge turnaround. Watching their little changes, Jennifer believed that the kittens would pull through. And eventually, her efforts have paid off.

The kittens are about 4 months old now and become beautiful and strong cats. Forest loves exploring outside while Beverly loves cuddling with his mom and becomes a cuddle bug. And the little Lincoln, he just wants to be his mom’s lap and wants to be cuddled.

Watch the video below to see their miracle recovery:

Thank you Jennifer for caring for the kittens and sharing their amazing story with us. We are sure that those darling kittens will never forget you. They made it because of you, sweetie. You saved their lives and they are growing into awesome beautiful cats.

If you love Jennifer’s work fostering kittens, you can keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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