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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Considering how overcrowded the nation’s animal shelters are, there is no better way to help homeless pets than to foster them.

New York police officers adopted a kitten they rescued after it got stuck in between a car engine and the firewall.

Ramapo Police Department in Suffern shared photos of the incident showing officers reaching into the hood to check the car’s undercarriage.

“On Thursday, Officer Genito, Officer Simpson, and Dog Control Officer McGrath responded to a residence on Viola Rd for a report of a kitten that was trapped in the engine compartment of a car. After a lengthy struggle, they were able to safely remove the kitten from the car,” Ramapo Police Department wrote on their Twitter.

The rescue effort occurred on May 26 after someone called to report the kittens near Lackawant to Trail, according to the department’s statement on social media. Officers found the kitten stuck in between the engine and the firewall. They utilized a car jack and were able to remove the kitten.

The poor kitten got stuck in between a car’s engine and the firewall.

Source: @Ramapo_PD

Despite all the negative press, our officers have been receiving lately, they don’t let it affect them and focus solely on their jobs.

In addition to the police department, emergency responders from the Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps responded, armed with pet medical kits.

The police officer cuddled up with the kitten after the rescue.

Source: @Ramapo_PD

Christine Winter, one of the cops who participated in the rescue effort, adopted the kitten and gave him the gift of a lifelong home. Otto, the 4-week-old cat that Christine gave the family name, has joined Ella, another rescue cat who is now a member of the clan.

We all have a duty to foster and adopt pets waiting for a family in animal shelters so they can have a permanent home. So, please share this heart-melted story to spread pet love to everyone.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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