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This Guy Makes Anime Costumes For His Cats And The Photos Are Absolutely Awesome

If you’re a big fan of cats and anime, don’t skip this post because it is just for you.

A talented Japanese man who loves to use his free time to create handmade anime costumes for his two cute cats. He even takes photos and shares them on social media, where the awesome photos are capturing everyone’s hearts. People can’t get enough of the two cats’ cuteness and can’t stop sharing the photos with their friends. It is clear that people are sort of obsessed with it.

According to the cat dad, all of his costumes and designs are made from scratch and with his own two hands. Most of them are based on those seen in productions from Studio Ghibli, a famous Japanese animation film studio.

He even created a Twitter account YagyouNEKO that dedicated to his cats and their little cute costumes. Now, his account has more than 16.000 followers.

We invite you to take a look at some of awesome and cute costumes that the cat dad has created for his two adorable cats.

More info:

1. Princess Mononoke!

2. Black butler??

3. Wow!

4. The little swords on his back! Love the detail.

5. Well done

6. It not sailor moon???? it sailor meow????

7. She’s got a hear at the base of her tail!????

8. This is Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer

9. Mine would destroy the entire outfit ????

10. Oh my gosh they even have a fate/stay night background

11. Cool demon slayer

12. AWW ????

13. What a cutie!

14. Cute where is the cat

15. AWW ????????

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