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This Tiny Kitten Is The Target Of Hilarious Photoshop Battle, And The Results Are Just AWESOME!

A hilarious photoshop battle is coming up! Welcome to the world of PSBattle where everything and weirdness combine together in an awesome explosion. The creations are inspired by a single photograph and edited by skilled participants. Needless to say, these creations are so hilarious that they never cease to delight us and even take over the Internet.

This time, it’s the turn of a tiny kitten to be the subject of some creative editing. It all began when someone posted a photo of the kitten standing on a scale online. As soon as the Photoshop Battlers saw this kitten’s pose, they were inspired to photoshop it. This cute picture has stirred a blazing photoshop battle with hilarious pictures, and we can’t stop laughing!

Here are some of our favorites! Scroll down to check out these photos and share them with your friends and your family! Anyone can join in the battle, so be sure to download the image and post your creations below!

Source: Unknown

#1. “You talkin to mew?!”

Source: Bird Nerd

#2. “Not photo shop but I think this will do!”


#3. Krayt Kitty

Source: Matt Hollis

#4. Omnomnom

Source: Lena Nebula

#5. Kitty At The Beach

Source: PixxelDust

#6. Smol Eyes

Source: Calvin Suzuki

#7. Notice Me Senpai

Source: Marley Pierre

#8. Smarties Kitty

Source: Dog Lover

#9. Giant cat takes over city

Source: Mark Peters

#10. Cat Salad

Source: Diana Lopetaitė

#11. Crying Cat Meme

Source: PixxelDust

#12. Purple Kitty

Source: Irregular Calendars

#13. Oh noooo

Source: Flexiegirl94

#14. Smol Sister

Source: PixxelDust

#15. See… cats are plotting to kill you! Those eyes always pierce through your sole!

Source: Taco Da Guinea Pig

#16. So beautiful!

Source: Chloe *Leah* Pheonix

#17. Smol Bastet

Source: JewelLapoole

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