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Tiny Sick Kitten Grows Up To Be A Majestic And Fluffy Handsome Boy

When Walter White met his human, Lauren Adams, he was in a very bad shape. He was so sick and weak that he couldn’t move. His temperature was low and he started gasping for breath.

Lauren tried to get his body temperature up, and thankfully, it started to register. She cared for him all the time and treated him as a little baby.

“I woke up with him in the middle of the night, like every 3 hours to feed him. I syringe-fed him until he could eat on his own.”’

Water White is a furry fighter who has a will to live. He grows up and transforms into a beautiful and blessed cat.

“I didn’t expect him to be so fluffy! He’s spunky and mischievous.”

Lauren said that she seriously didn’t know how he ended up living, but all of us know that its because of her. Apparently, this sweet kitten wouldn’t have survived without the love and patience of her.

“He knows that I’m his mommy, that I’m the only one who got him through all that. I really do think that it was fate that Walter came into my life. I don’t know what I would do without him,” Lauren said.

Watch the video of Walter here:

This sweet story honestly shows us how giving a bit of love can give an animal the will to fight to live. And that is what happened the cat managed to live because this lovely girl gave it love and care 24/7.

Watch Walter in action!

Walter is a stunning cat. So happy everything worked out so well. He had a sad start, but now he has a happy ending. We wish Walter and his humans a happy and joyful life!

For updates on Walter White, keep up with Lauren on her Instagram. If you love this story, please share it with your friends and family members!

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