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Family Moves Away And Leaves Senior Dog Behind To Fend For Himself On The Streets

It’s painful to see stray dogs trying to fend for themselves on the streets. They have to sleep on the side roads, rummage in the trash cans to find food, and wait at the back alleys for some leftovers. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who heartily care about them.

The dog in this story used to have a loving home before being left by his owners.

People can find Pumba roaming around the streets, trying to do his best to survive. He is a senior dog who was left to fend for himself.

Apparently, Pumba was previously owned by a family who decided to move to another neighborhood. However, they might have thought of Pumba as a burden and left him behind.

For those who knew Pumba, they could see him roaming about their old home, waiting hopefully for his previous owners to come back.

Unfortunately, it had been like this for more than a year and there had been no signs of the owners coming back to get him. Thankfully, some kind neighbors felt sorry for the pooch and took turns feeding him.

Someone in the neighborhood asked for assistance from Hope For Paws.

Hope for Paws received a call about Pumba and immediately took action after discussing the situation. HFP sent out two volunteers, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo, as the rescuers in-charge of the case. As they reached the reported location, they found poor Pumba resting on a grass patch near the sidewalk.

They parked their car a good distance from Pumba, but eventually, the dog noticed the two getting out of the vehicle. Pumba immediately left the spot and crossed the street away from them.

Pumba is being extra careful around them.

Maybe some people tried catching him before, or perhaps animal control happened to pass by the street, but Pumba sure knows how to be cautious around strangers. Lisa and JoAnn placed a cage on the spot Pumba was at before with food inside it.

When Pumba came back a few minutes later, he sniffed the cage with the food but knew that it was a lure to trap him inside. Hungry as he was, he reached for the food without letting his whole body inside, readying to bolt off whenever some people attempted to catch him.

The rescuers had no choice but to take drastic measures themselves.

Lisa grabbed a leash and saw Pumba immediately running away after seeing her. The rescuer chased him on the street, but she was careful enough not to scare him off.

They tried persuading Pumba to come close by offering food from their hands. It took some time, but they managed to gain Pumba’s trust. He even took a bite of the food from Lisa’s hand.

Lisa gently carried him to the backseat of their car. The rescuers drove to the veterinary hospital to give Pumba the care he needed before settling him in a foster home.

The sweet Pumba melts our hearts with his grateful appreciation for his rescuers.

After Pumba was treated and bathed on the vet, he was then sent to a foster home. His fosters were amazed how this senior dog became such a lovable pooch.

He had no problems living with the other foster dogs, and he shows them how happy he is with everyone. Pumba was certainly grateful for HFP and his fosters for letting him live the rest of his life in a safe and happy place.

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Source: Animal Channel

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